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How to Add Dress Code to Wedding Invitation?

Wedding invitation and enclosure card are parts of the most important elements in your day because they convey special information about your wedding to your guests. Mentioning the dress code on your wedding invitations if you want guests to know. Why? Including the dress code on wedding invitations is an easy way to ensures your event stays as formal or as casual as you want, and it’s helpful for guests to know exactly what is expected of them and helps ensure everyone is properly attired for your wedding. It is as same as bridesmaid dresses. But make sure it sounds fun so they’ll want to participate, instead of feeling obligated to.

wedding photos

wedding photos

Where does the dress code (“Black tie,” “cocktail attire” or “casual attire” are all acceptable) go on the wedding invitation? That’s the easy part!

If your ceremony and reception are at the same location, the wedding dress code should be printed at the bottom right or bottom center of your invitation. This is known as corner copy and is available on most wedding invitations.

If the ceremony and reception are in separate locations, your dress code should be printed on both reception card and invitation. That way, there’s no confusion! This can also be helpful if your wedding and reception don’t have the same dress code.

wedding invitation with dress code

wedding invitation with dress code

Now that you know how wedding invitation dress code works, it’s time to decide what your dress code will be, Casual? Cocktail? Semi-formal? Black tie?

Use straightforward wording to get your point across. Include brief, straightforward phrasing like “black-tie event” or “semi-formal” for your guests. Your guests can then research those terms for specifications if they’re not familiar with different dress codes, or you can include brief details next to the dress code. Wording for dress codes might be: Black Tie (tuxedos and formal gowns)

Your invitation design will also clue guests in. An ultra-formal, traditional invite with letterpress and calligraphy will give guests a hint to the formal nature of the event, whereas a square invite with a playful font and bright colors would fit a much more casual style. Design your invitations to reflect a themed wedding. Themed weddings are becoming more and more popular. Choose elements of your theme to include on your invitation to make the dress code more clear to guests.

beach themed wedding invitations

beach themed wedding invitations

Write your dress code on an enclosure card, alternatively. Including a simple enclosure card that accompanies your wedding invitation is a great way to let guests know about important guidelines, especially if your wedding invitation design doesn’t easily accommodate extra information about the dress code, like remind guests to bring warm layers and appropriate footwear for a winter outdoor wedding. Also, it can be a big help if you attach inspiration photos, especially for a theme party, so they’ll know what you have in mind.

Another way is to direct guests to your wedding website about the dress code.

Wedding Invitations Disaster Make Your Hair Stand on End

Wedding invitations disaster included wedding invitations itself and wedding invitation etiquette;

Your wedding invitation serves two main purposes:

First, and most importantly, they inform family and friends of the wedding details so they can be there on time to celebrate together with you.

Second wedding invitations are also your guests’ first glimpse of your wedding style. They can hint at the formality of the party, the color palette and even set the tone for every piece of printed paper that will follow (menus, escort cards and so on).

letter print pocket wedding invitations HPI273

Letter print Pocket Wedding Invitations HPI273


So it is very important to pick the right invitation which is a bit more involved than you initially think; avoiding these wedding invitations disaster to make sure it stands out in the sea of wedding invites:

Misspelling and Unfortunate acronyms: When your wedding invitations arrived, your fiancé’s middle name, your name even your parents’ name maybe misspelled.

Avoiding this wedding invitations disaster:

Carefully proofread again and again to make everything was kosher before print invitation out. And if it did happened, contact your supplier as soon as possible to get right wedding card on time.

wedding invitations with acronyms

HPI058/ HPI035

Unauthorized alterations: The style wedding invitation you order is out of stock now, it happens when you order pocket wedding invitations or template wedding invitation.

Avoiding this wedding invitations disaster:

Order custom made wedding invitations not template wedding invites, double check the stock of the style invitation you order with your supplier.

Unapproved let out advanced: Your card supplier posts your digital proof online public before you had a chance to send them to your friends and families.

Receive nice wedding invitations with elegant design, but when your mom mail them out, she glued very ugly decoration on it without mentioning it to you. Perfect colors, perfect font, perfect sensibility, but you forget very important thing, like date, venue, or time, it is done by yourself, and there is no one else you can blame, so crazy!

Ordering wedding invitations in number of per person not Household, it will break your wedding budget.

Remember, if you’re having 200 guests at your wedding, that doesn’t mean you need 200 invitations! You only need to send one invitation per HOUSEHOLD. You’re best married friends may be two individual people, but they only need one invitation.

Not ordering enough quantity as back up; Due to most site offer ordering in groups, so even if you only need just one more, you really need to order the group more, it waste money too

Wedding Invitations Not Setting the Tone of your wedding party;

Your wedding invitations is the first glimpse your guests will get into your wedding, so if you send a vintage wedding invitations, your guests will expect a retro wedding from wedding decoration, venue, food. If they show up it’s a modern affair, it won’t make any sense to them.

vintage wedding invitations HPI010

vintage wedding invitations HPI010


modern calligraphy wedding invitations HPI017

modern calligraphy wedding invitations HPI017

Using Address Labels instead of digitally printed or hand calligraphy. It will make your beautiful invitation look like a cheap knock-off quicker.

Order custom wedding invitations at, all these disasters will be avoided in advanced. Most of important it won’t break your bankrupt, $1 cost, you will get one invitation, one response and matched envelopes, and we will send digital proof to check again and again before we print invitation out. You can make changes any time before we print it out.

Real Wedding- Wedding Bouquets Collection

The wedding bouquets hold by brides, not only is the witness of new couple’s happiness but also best wishes to brides’ girls bridesmaid, she will be a Mrs. soon future.

winter wedding bouquets big flowers summer wedding bouquets close to nature wedding bouquets for fall wedding pastel color wedding bouquet pink rose flowers wedding bouquets purple and pink wedding bouquets spring fresh flowers wedding bouquets summer wedding bouquets wedding bouquets for woodland wedding party

Get a flower reception card to match your wedding bouquets from


HPC020 / HPC051

Sunflowers Wedding Party Inspirations

I love you like sunflowers like Sun, have a wedding with sunflowers as decoration no matter your wedding is indoor or outdoor, you are sun to each other. Your love is so romantic!

beach wedding of sunflowers decorations

bright vibe sunflowers wedding decorations

details of bright vibe sunflowers wedding decorations

fair tale artdeco sunflowers wedding decorations

rustic wedding sunflowers decorations


Check sunflower wedding invitations at for your sunfowers wedding party.

sunflowers wedding invitations

HPI039/ HPI277/ HPI276

Elegant Nude Wedding Color Palette Inspirations

I believe many brides change their wedding color over and over again before they set down the color. They are too many colors and color combinations to choose, it is really difficult thing. Then how about choose nude color for your wedding. Nude colors, is an elegant color seems almost no color; it is the main wedding color of many tasteful couples, and trend color of 2016 wedding.

Nude color palette look ethereal and all kinds of dreamy, it is so easy to put together and look beautiful and harmonious; soft blue shades and nude like watercolor, peaceful and represent a fresh start. Here is nude color palette for your wedding party:

Nude Ivory with yellow, gold and latte wedding color palette: it’s rustic, warm and full of whimsy;

Yellow Gold Latte Nude Ivory wedding color palette

Light pink, Mauve, Antique Gold, Blush and Ivory wedding color palette: feel like a fairy tale; the important of this color palette wedding party is to find small ways to express like fine china, beautiful lace overlays;

light pink mauve antique gold blush pink and ivory color palette

Gray, Silver and White wedding color palette: It’s timeless, it’s beautiful; shimmery hues look so amazing together

Gray Silver White wedding color palette

Dusty Rose, Blush Pink, Peach, Antique Gold, Ivory & White wedding color palette: its love, it’s all the things little girls dream of when they think of their wedding day. Combine as many pinks as you like (they mix and match with surprising ease) and then crown them in glittering gold.

Dusty Rose Blush Pink Peach Antique Gold Ivory & White wedding color palette

Antique Gold, Silver & Ivory wedding color palette: really romantic;

Antique Gold Silver & Ivory wedding color palette

Sky Blue, Camel & Ivory wedding color palette: inspired by the sky at daybreak, it’s peaceful and represents a fresh start;

Sky Blue, Camel & Ivory wedding color palette

Copper Rose, Antique Gold, Mauve, Peach, Blush, + Ivory: incorporated both metallic and pastels, it maybe a color palette that you’ve never considered before.

Copper Rose, Antique Gold, Mauve, Peach, Blush wedding color palette

Nude wedding invitations:

cheap nude color wedding invitations

Click for the Nude Wedding invitations HPI062/ HPI013/ HPI014/ HPI054

Meet Me in the Garden Wedding Ideas

Looking at the BHLDN’s spring 2015 collection, themed ‘meet me in the garden’ the wedding dresses are so chic and gorgeous, my mouth keep open. How about we enjoy these beautiful wedding dresses first?

meet me in the garden wedding dresses

BHLDN's spring meet me in the garden wedding dressBHLDN's spring meet me in the garden wedding dresses collectionBHLDN'S beautiful meet in the garden wedding dresses

It makes me think about fashion wedding trends- garden wedding party. Have a meet in the garden wedding is become more and more popular between young couple; it is so romantic and creative.

beautiful wedding flowers for garden weddingspecial garden wedding aislebeautiful wedding centerpieces ideas of garden weddingfresh flowers for garden weddingamazing garden wedding centerpiecesgarden wedding bouquetsbridesmaid dresses and wedding invitations for garden wedding

Click the Mint Bridesmaid Dress/ Photo Wedding InvitationFlowers Wedding Invitation

Cheap Wedding Ideas- Cheap Wedding Cakes Ideas

After talking about Cheap Wedding Venus and Cheap Wedding Flowers Ideas, now it comes to the ideas of cheap wedding cakes; it is one of the easy places to save money for a cheap but gorgeous wedding.

gorgeous wedding cakes

The wedding cakes can charge an arm and a leg, you need helps from our specialist, and tips are here for you to cut the cost of wedding cakes down:beautiful wedding cakes

Your wedding cake doesn’t need to white and tiered, it can be a simple sponge, and this really can keep your cost down;

simple elegance wedding cakes

Decorate the simple wedding cakes to be a gorgeous one yourself with glitter, sugar flowers, flowers or pearls getting from the market; just remember freezing them ahead of time;

Decorated wedding cakes into gorgeous cakes

Instead of a massive wedding cake, why not choose some small cupcakes to avoid massive cost and waste; or if you are at a reception venue you can scrap the dessert course and just have your wedding cake for dessert;

creative wedding cakes ideas

Have massive wedding cakes with smaller size, and plan another plain one to serve to guest not shown to the guests;

wedding cakes

Go for a cheese wheel instead of wedding cakes;

beautiful cheese wheel wedding cakes

Free custom cheap wedding invitations on

cheap wedding invitations online

Click to get the cheap wedding invitations HPI037/ HPI080HPI095

How to Plan Gorgeous Medieval wedding

Middle Ages, how gorgeous artist times, holding a medieval wedding is popular and can be restored for lifetime.

medieval wedding

It is most important to choose magnificent castle for medieval wedding location that became more attractive with the passage of time.

medieval castle

After setting the location down, time to send medieval themed wedding invitations to share the happiness with your family and friends.

medieval wedding invitations

Click for the HPI013/ HPI010

As a bride, choose unique and highlight wedding dress for yourself. The first suit can be more grave and serious because of the wedding of great significance. The second dress may be sexy which can express woman’s beauty.

meidieval wedding dresses beautiful meidieval wedding dresses

And exquisite groom suit is also need to be mentioned;As important parts of the wedding, best man and bridesmaids need to dress up well too;

exquisite groom suit

retro medieval bridesmaid dresses

Click for the Retro Pink Short Bridesmaid Dress

BTW, try some little items to increase the ancient feeling. And the flowers, food, cakes;

cute little stuffs on medieval wedding medieval weddding beautiful details

Now, waiting to enjoy the best time, forever!

Fashion Ideas of Picnic Wedding Party

More money, more time with family, wills to close to nature, enjoy the sunshine, having a picnic wedding is totally a good and fashion idea.

Picnic wedding party

First, we need a wonderful place for the wedding; blue sky, lazy clouds and green grass, colorful flowers, everybody feel the fresh air and share the happiness of the couple. Sunshade and chairs will be better.

beautiful picini wedding location

Second, choose as many as beautiful flowers that are colorful and fragrance. What’s more put fruits together with flowers, creative and thoughtful.

picinic wedding flowers

fruit on picinic wedding party

Third, put on clean and pure dresses for the picnic wedding; light color will be better. They look comfortable and can give people the relaxing feeling and match to the theme: picnic.

dresses for picnic wedding party

Click for the Blue Short Lace Bridesmaid Dress

Then, you need custom made wedding invitations for your picnic wedding party from

picinic wedding invitations on happyinvitation

Click for the Left/ Right

Last but not least, keep sunny mood. Have a Love having to pay only then beautifully, even if only is recollects, also is worth the life collection thing.

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