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Best 2019 Wedding Ideas of Taking Living Coral into Wedding

Announced by Pantone, living coral is the color of the year 2019 and it is also the color of new iPhone XR.
coral color

Living color is a warm and enthusiasm color; agreeable sweetness, full of vitality; it is not purple orange color, it is more pinkish, an eye- catching color in the crowd.Living coral color is not popular main color of wedding, but it is normal as single details as embellishment, excellent for every season.

eye-catching living coral color

Following are best wedding ideas of making living coral color into your 2019 wedding party:

1. Wedding Bouquets Ideas:
Warm red, soft pink color, living coral can match them well;
Enthusiasm, vintage or fresh style, no matter what your wedding style, living coral can take a place into your wedding.

living coral color in wedding bouquets

2. Wedding Table Flowers Idea:
Living coral is the best match of pink color, with some different vases, chic and fashionable;
Add some green plus, you will get a happy vibe and surprise your guests.

No matter bouquets, table flowers or head-wear of brides, use living coral color to add visual impact.

3. Paper design ideas:
Include place card, wedding invitation, table card, reception card and other paper design, living coral color can be added by watercolor, illustrator or embellishment.
Together with main wedding color, pop living coral color can be treated as spotlight.

HPI050 / HPI008

4. Table decoration ideas:
Living coral as main wedding table color, both white and deep color match it well. And most of important it is more appetite.

living coral color wedding table decoration ideas

5. Desert Table Decoration:
Loving coral color is good embellishment as flowers or lifelike fondant, try contrast color for more breathtaking effect.

living coral in wedding cakes

6. Ceremony Area and Photo Area Decoration:
Living coral color embellished ceremony area is beautiful too; photos taken at living coral photo area are more warm your heart.

Have a Delicate Wedding with These Customs

In these days, we always can find some special custom details from pop stars’ wedding photos, we all love it. And we can add some special custom details into your wedding too, your wedding will become more delicate at once, such as monogram of the newly couple or sketch of wedding couple on the wedding cake, desserts; or a custom made wedding invitations with your love story, very artful and diligent
Here are 28 inspirations of custom details you can get into your wedding, bookmark it for your upcoming wedding, and give your guests a sweet delight wedding:
1. Creative Wedding Invitationscreative wedding invitations
Do you know except flat wedding invitation, pocket wedding invitation, there are also photo album wedding invitations , passport wedding invitation, and also you can print your invitation into a balloon, your guests go to wedding venue with the special invitations, so interesting!
special wedding invitations
2. The most important to me is wedding logo, and you can add it on wedding invitation, table card, candies, drinks, even cups.custom a wedding logo
3. Custom Design Gift Bags to package your wedding favors. We can find it at the Royal wedding. With a wedding favor prepared with whole heart, it will be a good wedding favor to your wedding guest. custom wedding favors with special bags
4. Photo crop AND photo background
If you don’t know how to take some novel wedding photos, your photos of childhood, wood chips with your name are good crops to offer help; Photo frame like Ins, twitter are fashion and necessary.
special wedding props
5. Creative signs, like design your own wedding road or location sign, ‘here comes the bride’ hold by flower girls.
special wedding signs
6. Custom Tattoo for bride and bridesmaid with your wedding logo, cute and sweet!
custom wedding tattoos of brides and bridesmaids
7. Wedding car, except flowers, it can be decorated by your dolls, your wedding signs.
special wedding car decoration
8. Robe for bride and bridesmaids, custom robes with your wedding logo, so interesting and unforgettable!
custom Robe for bride and bridesmaids
9. Print wedding logo or wedding date on your wedding shoes; it will be a big surprise at your 50th wedding anniversary.
unique wedding shoes
10. Cuff of Groom, embroider couples’ name and wedding date on it, and express your love low-key.
cuff of groom
11. Special tie, you know you can write your love vows on it, wearing it as close as your heart.
special tie for groom
12. Custom chic ring box, think about cute angels holding it, walking on your aisle, so cute and happy!
chic beautiful ring box
13. Distinctive bouquet, the most popular and easy way is decorating your wedding bouquet with your childhood photos; with this distinctive bouquet to welcome and start your new life.
14. Special custom hanger, we can find it from many wedding photos;
custom hanger for bride and bridesmaid dresses
15. Your names are the most unique element, you can put it everywhere on your wedding party, candies and Macarons in the shape of your name or monogram;
names on the wedding
16. Decorate desert table with you two or your dog in cartoon shapes, so adorable, is it?
dessert table decoration
17. Seals designed for your wedding, it can seal on your invitations, and it can be also sealed on guests’ hands, like the game we played as child.
18. Other special custom details, like exclusive bottle opener, custom phone cases, there are so many things to custom when planning your unique wedding party.
Is there one or two here you want to custom for your own wedding, start now at once to sparkle your guests now.
exclusive bottle opener for wedding

Fun Wedding Ideas

Just a little different and unexpected wedding detail will make your wedding day fun and make your day memorable. There are tons of wedding ideas, you need some unconventional but totally awesome ideas and incorporate parts or all of these funny wedding ideas from wedding invitations to aisle runner, reception if you need your wedding to be special and unique.

Top Tip: Pick out those that you think the majority of you and your guests will appreciate most, which fit within your budget and your wedding theme.

1. Create an original wedding invitation and RSVP card even save the date card with your personalities. It can be formal or any fancy type card. And with happyinvitation.com you don’t worry about budget, you will get unique and custom design wedding invitations with free matched Response card at price $1.

2. Have a pre-wedding field day so your groomsmen and bridesmaids can get acquainted with one another if they are not familiar with each other.
3. About wedding reception:
 Change seating from formal straight rows to circular pattern around you, it can not only make you more visible to all the guests but make everyone feel more included, get more closer, the whole ceremony more intimate.
 Serve your drinks on practical bespoke printed coasters are a fun way and your guests can take them home as wedding favors.

practical bespoke printed coasters

 Design your wedding table card and place card. Forget about easel, cardboard; think of your wedding theme, wedding venues, your hobby. For example, if you are have outdoor wedding, hang names to trees with beautiful ribbons. Or hold your place card with something topical or novel.
4. About wedding bouquet and wedding flowers
 Pinning something sentimental to bride’s bouquet, it can be photo of loved one, your love token.

bridal bouquet with something sentimental


 Make guests be your florists. On your way up to aisle, each guest at the ends of each row hand you a flower to create your bouquet. This works well if the bride is not given away by anyone.

 Instead of fresh flower, you can make beautiful paper flowers that you can keep forever; especially you have love letters you sent each other. Less is more; make a bold statement with one huge paper flower in right color.

fun wedding flower ideas

 Do you know your bridesmaids don’t need to carry flowers; they could carry lanterns, feathers or parasols.

special bouquet for bridesmaid

5. About wedding guest book
 It doesn’t have to be a book; it can be Jenga blocks (that your guest can play when they are waiting) or a pack of card.
 Leave out advice card near the guestbook

special wedding guest books

6. About wedding cakes and wedding desert
 Decorate wedding cakes with custom fun cake topper created in your likeness.

cute wedding cake topper

 Give your guests more choice of desserts, let them creative with prepared topping or decorations or giant banana split.

banana split reception

7. About wedding decoration
 Great lighting is the economically and easily way of wedding decoration, it is not only the transform from day to night but also with up-lighting by images or project patterns, lighting can create all kinds of effect you want.

beautiful creative lighting

 Keep old post mail box or toys for guest to put their card in on the wedding day.

 Incorporate your love story into the aisle runner, it can text or photos of your important moment.

love story aisle runner

 Sparkle dance floor every one dance

8. About wedding games
 Give each table a name of a song or lyric, when that song plays everyone at the table has to stand up and dance to keep guest in the groove.
 Attach garter to football, rugby ball or golf ball and throw it.
 Interesting Beer Pong game.
 Nostalgiccootie catchers fortune teller or display word search napkins at the bar.
funny wedding games
9. About wedding photos
 Take a picture of your wedding rings with newspaper of your wedding day as a keepsake.


 Hire a wedding photographer with sense of humor or have artist/ cartoonist paint your ceremony, it will be great displayed the picture in your home.

wedding photographer with humor

 Instead of a photo booth, set up photo stand-ins, and prepare some interesting props or sparklers. You will get very funny photos of group, selfie stick.

interesting wedding photos ideas

10. About wedding favors
 To those who really special individual around you (bridesmaids, maid of honor) creating everlasting keepsakes like bespoke handkeychief.

 The more thoughtful or practical favors, the more memorable they will be. Bespoke sunglasses, soap for spring and summer days, and wraps for fall and winter days. Flip flops or custom Converse are always needs for those who wear high heels.
 Instead of prepare favors advance, let people fill up bags with candy of their choice.

11. If allowed have your own beer bar, or serve it in water coolers.

wedding beer bar

12. About bride and groom
 For groom, corsage is not necessary, it can be anything just stick to your wedding theme like mini guitars, a starfish or a shell.
 Choose a transform wedding dress; you can be dance-floor-ready in seconds.

fun ideas of groom and bride

13. About bridesmaids, sometimes bridesmaids in an array color bridesmaid dresses look prettier than same one color.

mismatched bridesmaid dresses                             long bridesmaid dresses with twist bust KSP279
14. About flower girls, who said flower girls must be child, your grandmother can be your flower girls.

15. Let people DIY their own confetti combo, they will get more fun from begin to combo to end tassel it to you.
16. If you are not on budget, get a celebrity impersonator to rock out at your reception.

You Can Have Wedding like This

Are you afraid of your wedding become bored, nothing new that will be waste time to your wedding guests? It is your wedding, one time a life, everybody come give them best wishes and share your happiness, try to drop the corny forms down, learn these bright ideas to have an unique wedding everybody love it.

a personality wedding

  1. Wedding Venue

Forget hotel which is hardly to order, you can have your wedding in the orchard, cliff edge, art gallery, the lawn, garden or woodland, even a pub, it is so personality. Remember separate the dinner from ceremony venue.

impressive wedding venue

special wedding venue ideas

  1. About desert

Rent an ice cream car, or a bar counter of marshmallow and popcorn~

different wedding desert

  1. Wedding car

Instead of grand wedding car, try off-road vehicle, pick-up truck, carriage, classic VW minibus and golf car or tract even a bus. If you don’t like all of them, how about a new bubble car, so cool!

unusual wedding car

interesting wedding cars

  1. Wedding Game

An interesting wedding game is very important to avoiding boring, and interactive Jenga game with interesting punishment, are you hearing the laugh?

interesting wedding games

  1. Brilliant Prop

Put some props besides wedding photo area, you will get more interesting photos mash tag your wedding.

interesting wedding photo props

  1. Let pets witness your wedding

Your pet as one of family, don’t give it the cold shoulder, let it witness your happiness together, they will be a necessary spotlight on your wedding day.

get pet involved in wedding

  1. Mismatched Bridesmaid Dressesmismatched blue bridesmaid dresses
  2. Inform your guests start with custom unique wedding invitations at happyinvitation.com.cutsom unique wedding invitations

Have an Individualized Wedding Party

Except custom design unique wedding invitations, how to make your wedding to be your own wedding? With the following details you will have a couture wedding:

  1. Designed Wedding Logo

Wedding logo is not same as wedding theme. The common design logo is from name of wedding couple, love story, bride and groom’s personality, Wedding logo will make wedding guest think of your wedding at once. You can design wedding logo yourself, ask help from designer or Google it. Just choose your favorite one wedding logo, print on your wedding invitations, decorate background wall of wedding venues; on the way of ceremony, wedding cake and wedding desert; and also can be paste on the bottle, print on the menus, all around wedding party.

wedding logo decoration detailswedding logo on wedding party

  1. Sweet cartoon couple as you twocartoon wedding details
  2. Delicate ring box

Vintage iron style, eco friendly bird’s nest, succulent with turf, and if you’re tired of traditional ring box, hold your wedding ring with book is a fantastic idea.

creative ring boxes

vintage wedding ring boxes

  1. Transparent crystal ball with fresh or fake flowers as wedding decoration, so amazing!
  2. transparent crystal ball decoration5. Creative signature book, popular these days are wood photo frame and money pot shape signature book.

new wooden trends signature book

  1. Choose leaf as Place cards

Write wedding guest’s name on leaves with golden painting pen, as place card also decoration of dishes, economy and environmental protection.

leaves wedding table cards

  1. Bridegroom corsage

Generally bridegroom wear corsage same as his wedding color. But just so so, how to show your personality? Look at these creative corsages; do you know what their jobs are?

cute creative bridegroom corsage

Blue and Yellow Color Themed Real Wedding Party

Abstruse noble blue and bright yellow, give calm sea, wide lawn wedding venues eyes light up.

blue and yellow outdoor wedding party

On your venues, guests sit on chairs shaped gift witness new couples exchange rings and vows.

gift shaped yellow and blue chairs on wedding party

Music is the song groom sang for the bride on the day they fall in love with each other.

blue and yellow wedding venues

Warm sunshine with breeze, a turn back, we find the exciting on the face of groom when seeing bride in her wedding dresses, it is his first look.

yellow and blue beach wedding party

Title changed just one moment, but full of romantic love stories.

If you are planning a blue and yellow color wedding party, order and custom blue and yellow wedding invitations for your own wedding at happyinvitation.com.

blue and yellow wedding invitations

Click to order blue and yellow wedding invitations HPI071 / HPI008 / HPI069

Questions wedding photographer want to ask you

Wedding day is the most important day worth to remember; one or more wedding photographer is necessary. But a good wedding photographer is not enough to take amazing photos, it also need cooperation between new couple and wedding photographer.
Following are things wedding photographer want wedding couple to know before wedding to get unforgettable wedding photos:

  1. Tell your photographer about wedding avenue, light of the avenue, so that they can prepare equipment and decide the way to take photo;
  2. Communicate each other usually about wedding details and wedding couple’s wedding ideas, if there is any special part, which part is your favorite that you want more photos to avoiding template. Beside photographers need communicate too if you have more than 1.
  3. Award your wedding photographer VIP right, leave best location for them, ensure that they won’t squeeze outside by your relatives and friends
  4. Pose for photo is necessary, but try to begenuine and don’t gush; believe your photographer, their professional. They will catch the moment worth to be cherished.
  5. Make your photographer has permission, for lot of avenues no photographing.
  6. If you are not traditional and love to try something unusual. Talk with your photographer for some funny, Materialized photos.
  7. Tell your wedding details, objects and wedding decoration special to you to your photographers, tell him their special meaning for you and your lover.
  8. Trust your photographer enough, listen to their professional suggestion.
  9. Prepare well-fitting uniform bridesmaid dresses and suit for your bridesmaid and groomsman. Your group photo will look better.
  10. Leave photo time for you and your friends and family, especially the important guest, it will be more meaningful.
  11. Don’t refuse black and white photos; Black and white photos doing well in expressing emotion.
  12. Tell your photographer if your photos can be uploading into social network. It is very important for default is they can do it. If you are minding this, please tell them before.
  13. Most of important enjoy your wedding.

Now get your own wedding invitations at happyinvitation.com.

Inspirations of Gothic Wedding

Gothic wedding is perfect for you if you are a member of the Gothic subculture or vampire lore that your tastes are run to the dark side, like black calla lilies. Don’t hesitate and go ahead to have your Gothic wedding now, a Gothic themed wedding will have many factors that are required to make it Gothic, dark candelabras, a spooky candy buffet, purple lighting, and fog.

sparkle dark black gothic wedding

Gothic wedding themes, decide it with Gothic movie you two like; be creative to have a Gothic wedding, that’s will unique enough;

game of throne gothic wedding

About wedding Venus, a Gothic castle full of cold stone corridors helps set the mood of a Gothic environment and give your wedding a good outlook;

gothic wedding castle venus

Gothic Wedding decoration, make sure that candlelight is prominent at your venue so that the flickering flames with set an eerie mood for you and your guests;

prominent candlelight on gothic wedding

Gothic wedding colors, consider only few color white, black, red and purple. This color palette is indicative of a gothic theme and runs through the ceremony from the flowers, the dress, the cake and everything else;

gothic wedding decorations

black pocket wedding invitations for gothic wedding

Click for the Black Pocket Wedding Invitations

When selecting your gothic wedding flowers think crimson roses, deep purple calla lilies or burgundy (black) dahlias to accent your wedding bouquet and centerpieces.;

gothic wedding flowers

Traditional white wedding dress is not suitable for gothic wedding.

gothic wedding dresses

Ideas of Colorful Wedding from Happyinvitation

To many brides, wedding color is one of the big decisions they should make before planning wedding. And I am sure it is a very difficult thing to many brides. Have a colorful wedding maybe the best way for these brides. With some incredibly fun ways to add colors to your wedding, you will also can get a beautiful and remember wedding party.

funny and beautiful colorful wedding

If your wedding is in the spring, choose pastels color palette. If your wedding is in the summer, choose bright color palette and vibrant shades. If your wedding is in the fall, choose dulled shades that are deeper. If your wedding is in the winter, choose cool palettes for all of your colors. The most important thing to remember when having a colorful wedding is to make sure every color is represented equally.

An ultra colorful wedding bouquet is very necessary;

colorful wedding bouquets

If you are not traditional brides, you should know that wedding dresses don’t need to be all white;

silver and taupe wedding dresses

Pop of color wedding cakes and deserts;

beautiful wedding cakes

Colorful hue bridesmaid dresses, muti-colored nails and vibrant pair of shoes;

muti-colored nails colorful hue bridesmaid dresses vibrant pair of shoes

Colorful decorations put together a balloon wall; have props handy, a colorful wedding guestbook;

colorful wedding decorations

When done correctly, colorful weddings are festive, happy, and memorable. All of your photos are going to pop with excitement and vibrancy.

happy and memorable colorful wedding colorful wedding invitationsColorful Wedding Invitations HPI050


Cherry Blossom Wedding Ideas

The cherry blossom is warm, pure, and noble; to many people it is a symbol of love and hope, beauty as well as romantic. Holding a cherry blossom wedding, it is a perfect gift to the new couple. Let’s enjoy the dreamy cherry blossom wedding together.

cherry blossom wedding

Cherry blossom is pink, so choose a soft color wedding dresses, like off white; If you are a personality bride, consider peach or grey.

romantic cherry blossom wedding

cherry blossom wedding dresses wedding dresses for cherry blossom wedding

About bridesmaid dresses, pink, white, peach, grey and other soft colors are harmonious.

bridesmaid dresses for cherry blossom wedding

Click for the Pastel Pink Long Bridesmaid Dress

Cherry blossom wedding cakes may be the leading role of the food aficionado. Besides cherry blossom jellies, pudding, Macarons, biscuits and tea. What a big surprise to make these different light refreshments!

cherry blossom wedding cakes cherry blossom wedding dessert

Talking on the decoration of the wedding scene, the cherry blossoms must be the lead. It needs the flower to put on the desk, handed by the participants. In all seasons, where there have cherry blossoms, there has a warm spring.

cherry blossom bride crown cherry blossom wedding flowers cherry blossom wedding centerpieces cherry blossom wedding invitations

Click for the Watercolor Cherry Blossom Wedding Invitation

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