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What Parts Do Wedding Guest Really Care

Do you know what part your wedding guest really care? And do you know where you should focus your energy and budget on after sending out your wedding invitations to your friends and family, especially when you are planning a budget wedding? As the saying goes “good steel needs to be used for the blade edge” .rose garden wedding invitations stationery

HPI013/ HPR013/ HPS013/ HPT013

The part on a wedding impact wedding guests experience on the big day include photography, videography, wedding venue, wedding decoration, centerpieces, flowers, ceremony, food, dessert, DJ, photobooth and wedding favors.

According research done by polls asking everyone to rank memory from the last wedding they attended with the most memorable and the least memorable, the result showed by the chart:

wedding parts guests care

Food, DJ, venue are the top 3, photo booth and ceremony coming next. And centerpieces, Decor are the least remember. Interesting is people pay less attention on the wedding favors.

Actually it is natural, all the top options are impacted people directly, people prefer to have connection with how comfortable they are in the venue, how interesting the wedding entertainment and how delicious the food (it is too hard to relax when hungry).

So Know about what your guests want to eat by RSVP card first is very important. Hire a DJ or emcee hosting your wedding from start. When choose your wedding venue, take your wedding guest comfortable into consideration, and offer chairs so that guest can have a rest at any time.

response card at happyinvitation

HPR002/ HPR010

Besides, photo booth is where you should pay more attention too. It requires people to step out of their comfort zone and interactive with wedding couple and other wedding guests. An interesting creative photo booth area is very necessary, and you can try to relax people with some interesting props.

interesting photo booth props

How to Word a ‘NO KIDS’ Wedding Invitations

Do you know how to tell your guests that their kids are not invited to your wedding politely on wedding invitations? You can use any of the following ‘straight to the point’ statements:

  • No children
  • Adults only
  • Strictly no children please
  • Adult wedding and reception
  • Please respect our wishes for a child free reception
  • Adult only affair
  • This invitation is extended to adults only
  • Children at the ceremony, we’d love them on the scene. Reception time, however, is an adult’s only theme.
  • To give all our guests the opportunity to let their hair down and have a good time without having to worry about little eyes and ears we politely request no children.
  • While we love to watch the children run and play, this is an adults only kind of day.
  • Sweet dreams to children under 16No Childern

But it may make people secretly disagree with you though 30%-40% of brides are now having their wedding adult-only. What you need to do is tell them in a subtle way on your wedding invitations and response card. Here we recommend some tips for your wedding invitation wording for you to reference:

First you should consider that your wedding is totally no-kids wedding or a mostly adult wedding (like Children under 1 year (nursing infants) or All nieces/nephews/cousins regardless of age); It would be nice to offer babysitting services and activities for the kids to keep them occupied at the reception (play-dough station, crayons, toys). If it is a mostly adult wedding, then you may need to some words on your wedding site: We are only inviting the children of immediate family because other friends/relatives have so many kids, so besides word of mouth, I put this on our wedding website, “We wish we could include all children, but we are unfortunately only able to invite the children of immediate family.”

Now you can consider the following tips:

It may be tacky to print this right on your wedding invitation, so save it for your RSVP card or wedding website, use wording such as these options:

  • No children please. We’d like our wedding day to be an adult-only celebration.
  • We have reserved ___ seats for you” (and that number would only include the adults).
  • “We’re having an adult-only reception“
  • “We hope you understand that our wedding is not suitable for children. Adults only, please.”
  • “Due to the limited number of seats, we request that the reception be an exclusively adult celebration”
  • You could also add something like, “Sweet Dreams for those under 12” (or whatever the cut-off age would be)
  • “This is a day to enjoy you too. Leave the kids at home (or with our babysitter) and help us celebrate!”
  • Putting “Adults” on the RSVP Response Line


_____ Adults accepting

_____ Adults declining

  • Putting” Adults” at the Bottom of the Invitation: Adult reception to follow
  • Setting a Limit to Number of Seat Reservations

We have reserved _____ seats in your honor

___ of ___ Attending
___ of ___ Declining

  1. In addition tobeing courteous, be clear about whom you’re inviting on the outer (Inner) envelope instead of using “Mr. & Mrs (and therefore who is NOT invited).
  2. And do make phone calls to the “kid exceptions” at your wedding. Tell the parents of the flower girl and ring bearer what your expectations are for the day.
  3. Except you didn’t need to put anything on wedding invitations and RSVP, but on the wedding website said something to the tune of “in order for parents to better enjoy themselves as a couple, the bride and groom request that this be an adult’s only reception. Professional babysitting will be provided at the hotel.

Good luck! I hope that helps find wording that would be polite, inclusive, and friendly.

Custom cheap wedding invitations on Happyinvitation:

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Inspirations of Gothic Wedding

Gothic wedding is perfect for you if you are a member of the Gothic subculture or vampire lore that your tastes are run to the dark side, like black calla lilies. Don’t hesitate and go ahead to have your Gothic wedding now, a Gothic themed wedding will have many factors that are required to make it Gothic, dark candelabras, a spooky candy buffet, purple lighting, and fog.

sparkle dark black gothic wedding

Gothic wedding themes, decide it with Gothic movie you two like; be creative to have a Gothic wedding, that’s will unique enough;

game of throne gothic wedding

About wedding Venus, a Gothic castle full of cold stone corridors helps set the mood of a Gothic environment and give your wedding a good outlook;

gothic wedding castle venus

Gothic Wedding decoration, make sure that candlelight is prominent at your venue so that the flickering flames with set an eerie mood for you and your guests;

prominent candlelight on gothic wedding

Gothic wedding colors, consider only few color white, black, red and purple. This color palette is indicative of a gothic theme and runs through the ceremony from the flowers, the dress, the cake and everything else;

gothic wedding decorations

black pocket wedding invitations for gothic wedding

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When selecting your gothic wedding flowers think crimson roses, deep purple calla lilies or burgundy (black) dahlias to accent your wedding bouquet and centerpieces.;

gothic wedding flowers

Traditional white wedding dress is not suitable for gothic wedding.

gothic wedding dresses

Cherry Blossom Wedding Ideas

The cherry blossom is warm, pure, and noble; to many people it is a symbol of love and hope, beauty as well as romantic. Holding a cherry blossom wedding, it is a perfect gift to the new couple. Let’s enjoy the dreamy cherry blossom wedding together.

cherry blossom wedding

Cherry blossom is pink, so choose a soft color wedding dresses, like off white; If you are a personality bride, consider peach or grey.

romantic cherry blossom wedding

cherry blossom wedding dresses wedding dresses for cherry blossom wedding

About bridesmaid dresses, pink, white, peach, grey and other soft colors are harmonious.

bridesmaid dresses for cherry blossom wedding

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Cherry blossom wedding cakes may be the leading role of the food aficionado. Besides cherry blossom jellies, pudding, Macarons, biscuits and tea. What a big surprise to make these different light refreshments!

cherry blossom wedding cakes cherry blossom wedding dessert

Talking on the decoration of the wedding scene, the cherry blossoms must be the lead. It needs the flower to put on the desk, handed by the participants. In all seasons, where there have cherry blossoms, there has a warm spring.

cherry blossom bride crown cherry blossom wedding flowers cherry blossom wedding centerpieces cherry blossom wedding invitations

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Most Useful Cheap Wedding Ideas- Choose Wedding Venus Ideas

In the United States, the average cost of a wedding is up to over $20,000. The cost of renting Venus, wedding dress, wedding cake, wedding invitations and the entire little special touched, it is more express for most young couple. But according our helps, there are ways to cut down the cost. The easiest and best ways to save is with your wedding venue.

beautiful outdoor wedding photo

So start your cheap wedding with these most cost-effective decisions. Your wedding party won’t look like cheap with lower cost:

Renting a building or function hall for your ceremony and reception can be very expensive. Instead, consider an outdoor wedding, such as picnic, backyard or beach wedding. Use your own (or your parent’s and friend’s) backyard, or perhaps a public park, beach with a beautiful view have your reception and creating a picturesque.

most memorable custom outdoor wedding

Outdoor weddings are often the most memorable because you can do it exactly as you want and put in those personal touches. However, it’s best to have a back-up plan in case of bad weather.

If your wedding is formal, then an outdoor wedding may cost higher, then you can get married off-season such as November or January not on summer, on a Sunday or Friday, not on Saturday; have a morning wedding, serving brunch or lunch at the reception. It may be more convenient for families with children to attend the wedding, but try to speak to them about your budget; they will glad to attend your wedding.

beautiful september fall wedding party

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Go Small Town Instead of Big City; or use a newly-opened venue, they might offer lower prices as they are attempting to build up a good reputation and gain some new business.

Small town vintage wedding

Choose Venus have the ability to be both a ceremony and reception venue, so you don’t have to pay for two location fees. Guests will love the ideas too, for they do not have to drive from the ceremony to get to the reception! They have much time to relax and have fun.

rent one place for both ceremony and reception

Make sure don’t over rent the space, use your negotiation skills with the information you collect about other Venus to ask a discount. And remember don’t tell them it is for a wedding until you get the price quote. Many service and location will charge expensive for a wedding.

fun wedding with cheapest price

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Custom Cheap Wedding Invitations as low as $1 for a budget wedding party:

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Ideas of Chalkboard Wedding Party

Everybody won’t forget the chalkboard in the school. White with black creates beautiful items and can express what we may be shy to say. Everyone has a unique feeling about chalkboard, familiar and cordial. It will be very funny to have a chalkboard wedding at your big day.

chalkboard wedding

After set the chalkboard wedding theme, the future Mrs need a chalkboard wedding invitations to spread the big news to family and friends.

Chalkboard wedding invitations

Click for the HPI022 / HPI023

Set chalkboard as indication board of the wedding site.

chalkboard wedding indicate

chalkboard place card

About wedding scene, a big chalkboard with many love pictures or cartoon bride with bridegroom to symbolize the wedding couple’s expensive love.

romantic photo scene of chalkboard wedding

Poem must be a good way to present love between lovers. So writing poems on the chalkboard must also be a good thinking.

spotlight of chalkboard wedding party

A chalkboard wedding creates the sweet feeling and show personality. Moreover, it can let the wedding be more economic and environmental. Why not take a try?

funny chalkboard wedding

Ideas of Winter Wedding Party| Happyinvitation

So you’ve decided to get marriage in winter season and you’re scoured the web for winter wedding themes and ideas, we love winter wedding, they can be glamorous, cinematic and magical just on the right elements. Here at Happyinvitation are nine theme ideas for you to get you inspired:

winter wedding

All White Wedding

All white wedding is classic, simple and beautiful, it is the easiest, least expensive and most effective winter wedding theme.

It doesn’t have to be dazzling white – you could use ivory or creams to everything, your white wedding dresses, white bridesmaid dresses, white wedding flowers and wedding table decorations, even beautiful white wedding cakes.

all white wedding theme for winter wedding

simple white wedding invitations for all white wedding party

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Ski Chalet theme

Ski lodge is chic, cozy and wintery at same time. Feature the party with acorns, pine trees, winter wreaths, snowy branches and other ski resort décor, plus fireplaces, your wedding would be traditional and rustic.

ski themed winter wedding party

Winter Wonderland Wedding

Wonderland themed wedding is better way to embrace the season and make winter as part of your wedding.

winter wonderland wedding

dazzling wedding invitations for wonderland wedding party

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Fire and Ice Wedding Theme

A clashed theme for winter wedding, but I think fire and ice is the best incorporates elements of winter. Bright reds and icy blues, try to melt the two colors together or divide location into two distinct areas, one featuring fiery reds and the other frosty blues.

fire and icy winter wedding theme

icy blue wedding invitations for fire and icy themed wedding

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Winter Woods Wedding Theme

This forest inspired wedding theme is a beautiful theme idea that incorporates the deep greens of the forest, wintery trees and the sharp white of fresh snow.

winter wood themed wedding

snow tree branches wood winter wedding party

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Wines Winter Wedding Theme

If you don’t have a wine cellar, then recreate a similar wine cellar with oak barrels and wooden tables and chairs and other wooden elements to decoration the location.

wine winter wedding themed

Winter Countryside Wedding Theme

This theme is a casual wedding theme. Setting furry blankets, seat cushions and pillows into the decoration with lots of white to a sweet wedding vibe at the same time make your guests warm.

countryside winter wedding theme


Black and Ivory Theme for Winter Wedding

Black and Ivory is a sophisticated wedding theme for winter wedding parties.  The two colors in chic striped, chevron or other decorative pattern will dominate the evening’s look together with flowers.

black and ivory winter wedding theme

black and white formal pocket wedding invitations

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Holiday themed Winter Wedding

Holiday like Christmas, New Year, it is the perfect time of the whole family to get together a year for your wedding celebration with the warming, crackling log fires and spicy cinnamon and beautiful festive decorations.

inspiration of christmas wedding


How to Plan a Destination Wedding

Traditionally wedding usually held in your home church, or in a local garden, or in some venue close to the home of the groom or bride’s family. However, some couples may feel compelled to stick with traditional church or garden weddings just because it’s the norm. It will be a good idea to say ‘I do’ to the love of your life while on the vacation of a lifetime. Go for the best destination that means a lot to you or a place you dreaming.

classic and destination wedding

Here are some useful tips to help you plan out your destination wedding:

Check sites like OneWed.com for reviews and ratings, and then decide on your budget 12 months ago to choose your destination;

destinations for wedding

Make sure your passports are current;

destination wedding

Research wedding destinations including weather, accommodations and laws about wedding in the country;

research your destination

Hire a local wedding planner; trust me it will be worth;

reception decoration for destination wedding

Give people advance notice by sending out save-the-dates as early as you can;

save the date cards

 Blue Post Card Save the Date Card / Unique Bubbles Photo Save the Date Card

Reserve hotel for the wedding party and make travel arrangements for yourself 9 month ago; And confirm them again and again 1-2 months ago;

book hotels for destination wedding earlier

Choose invitations and stationary, gorgeous wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses 7 month ago;

Your wedding Invitation must include the information of the venue, date, travel and wedding reception to be viewed by your guests as this will create the real excitement by knowing the place for the wedding; Send out the invitations 4-5 months ago, it is important to a destination wedding; people need time to make travel arrangements;

order wedding dress bridesmaid dress and wedding invitation for destination wedding

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Make decisions about cake, flowers, and catering menu with your local coordinator;

confirm wedding flowers cake and reception

Arrive at wedding destination a few days ago to final confirm everything goes well;

Be sensitive to the elder members of the family if they would/ could come to your wedding.

Best destinations for Wedding in the world:

The first I think is Las Vegas;

Las Vegas

Hawaii is the second chosen spots by marriage people;


Bali is an island of serenity and intensity to be a religious ceremony;

The Ayers Rock in Australia is a perfect secluded destination for wedding;

Grand hotel in Florence;

Mountain top in New Zealand;

Dome of St.Paul in the UK

gorgeous destinations for wedding in the world

There are plenty of unique locations where you carry out your fancies in US, too:

Central Park and Empire State Building of New York, NY;

Chapel of Love in Bloomington, Minn;

Columbia George Hotel in River Hood Region;

Disneyland in Anaheim, California;

Graceland Wedding Chapel and Little Church of the West Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas;

Fine Arts Palace in San Francisco;

Philadelphia Zoo in Philadelphia, PA;

West Beach Resort in Key Largo FLA;

gorgeous destinations in New York for wedding

Look for a place with lots of activities that will appeal to the various ages and personalities of your guests will make your wedding more expected.

Destination Weddings IDEAS

The wedding goes without saying thanks to all of your guests in your own way of the destination wedding to give them a destination wedding photo book that including the happy time you spent together.

unqiue photo thank you card for destination wedding

We are so excited!!!! Next is your destination wedding!

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