Real Wedding- Wedding Bouquets Collection

The wedding bouquets hold by brides, not only is the witness of new couple’s happiness but also best wishes to brides’ girls bridesmaid, she will be a Mrs. soon future.

winter wedding bouquets big flowers summer wedding bouquets close to nature wedding bouquets for fall wedding pastel color wedding bouquet pink rose flowers wedding bouquets purple and pink wedding bouquets spring fresh flowers wedding bouquets summer wedding bouquets wedding bouquets for woodland wedding party

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Sunflowers Wedding Party Inspirations

I love you like sunflowers like Sun, have a wedding with sunflowers as decoration no matter your wedding is indoor or outdoor, you are sun to each other. Your love is so romantic!

beach wedding of sunflowers decorations

bright vibe sunflowers wedding decorations

details of bright vibe sunflowers wedding decorations

fair tale artdeco sunflowers wedding decorations

rustic wedding sunflowers decorations


Check sunflower wedding invitations at for your sunfowers wedding party.

sunflowers wedding invitations

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Wedding Photo Area Inspirations from happyinvitation

An interesting photo area on wedding party same as interesting wedding invitations can be your special signs of your wedding, families and friends here leave their intimate photos here, share your happiness together.

But believe me if you don’t pay more attention to it, your guest will ignore it totally. You need more ideas avoiding money waste on photo area.

creative wedding photo area

Photo wall

A simple decorated photo wall is funny enough to your guest; they can have a group photo taken with wedding couples in different interesting pose, like kisses in the photo frames.

interesting wall wedding photo area

Empty Photo Frame

 It is easier and simple than photo wall, just an empty photo frame, with your name and wedding date; every photo is special memory of your wedding. With some cute prop, you and your guests will get more and more funny photos.

Except one big photo frame, lots of photo frame in different size, different shape also better; time to show your character with style.

interesting props for taking group photos

Stereo Background

If you don’t have budget, try to use your name as stereo background, everybody knows it is your wedding directly; a red sweetheart, maybe there will be another wedding couple in the near future; cute cartoons as bride and groom, creative and impressive;

stereo background wedding photo area

cute cartoon bride and groom wedding photo area


Decorated your wedding area as garden with fresh flowers if you’re wedding is outdoor wedding, nobody won’t love it; think, breeze, sunshine, a deck chair, some swings, so relax, believe me, your guests will here continually.

decorated wedding photo area as garden

Cartoon Animals

Funny cartoon, cute animals, girls at your party will crazy for it.

cartoon animals wedding photo areas


Besides, you can design a scene for your wedding area, a scene with interesting story, it will be more easy for your guest to have interesting photos, not just logy poses.

Cute mini bus, a boat shaped scene with quant, drink cocktail, a build tent, play guitar, read books, you can take group photos in or out bus without nervous.

interesting bus scene photo area

funny scene for wedding photo area

If you are looking interesting wedding invitations, check our website:

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Chic Colors of Year 2017 Wedding Ideas

Greenery is the color of year 2017 announced by Pantone. About match colors of greenery, pantone also supply ten options, more check on their website. Except greenery, there also 9 popular colors of spring and summer 2017: Primrose yellow, pale dogwood, hazelnut, island paradise, flame, pink yarrow, Niagara, kale, lapis blue. As a chic bride, of course choose one or more colors of the year into your 2017 wedding party. Happyinvitation (for wedding invitations)here collect wedding inspirations of these 10 popular colors of 2017, if you are going to have a 2017 wedding, check these ideas:

Popular color of the year 2017

popular 10 colors of year 2017

Primrose yellow, it is not too dazzling as lemon yellow, it is more activity and hot, make people feel warm and good.

primrose  wedding color inspirations

 Shop Orange and Yellow Wedding Invitaitons HPI039/ Yellow and Orange Bridesmaid Dress

Pale Dogwood, a peaceful color, and quite pink tone, pure and innocent, it is not eye-popping color, but it is soft color.

pale dogwood wedding inspirations

 Shop Pale Rose Wedding Invitaitons HPI013 Pale Pink Bridesmaid Dress KSP023

Hazelnut, neutral color of spring, natural and warm;

wedding inspiration of hazelnut color wedding

Shop Hazelnut Wedding Invitations HPI068/ Twist Halter Bridesmaid Dress KSP176

Island Paradise, a color represent dream and hope; similar with Tiffany blue, fresh and delicate. Matched by white, golden, more exquisite, consider it if you are going to have an outdoor wedding.

island paradise wedding party inspiration

 Shop Blue Bubble Wedding Invites HPI058/ Island Paradise Bridesmaid Dress KSP161

Greenery, into so fresh natural color wedding vibe, you wedding guest will have a fantastic relax heart and soul.

wedding inspirations of greenery wedding party

Shop Greenery Wedding Invites HPI87/ Green Bridesmaid Dress Long KSP279

Flame, orange color based on red, outgoing and passionate. No matter bridesmaid dresses in flame color of wedding flowers in flame, flame color will bring you a totally different vibe.

flame color wedding party inspirations

Shop Orange Flame Wedding Invite HPI049/ Flame Bridesmaid Dress Long KSP033

Pink Yarrow, sparkle and passionate, bright enough to catch eyesight, it is the charming of pink yarrow. It is deep pink color close to rose pink, with different color matching; you will get different wedding tones.

pink yarrow color wedding inspiration

Shop Blue Garland Wedding Invite HPI035/ Dark Blue Bridesmaid Dress Short KSP313

Niagara, a comfortable, peach and cherish color, its perfect for vintage style wedding with its low-key character. With different red color, you will easily to get a chic wedding party.

niagara wedding color inspirations

Shop Blue anchor Wedding Invites HPI060/ Niagara blue bridesmaid dress KSP279

Kale, a very good color that can be fresh artistic option, also can be cool. It is a color full of lively color, connect nature and us, and show colorful nature.

kale color party inspirations of wedding

Shop kale green wedding invitations HPI037/ Green Bridesmaid Dress Long KSP152

Have an Individualized Wedding Party

Except custom design unique wedding invitations, how to make your wedding to be your own wedding? With the following details you will have a couture wedding:

  1. Designed Wedding Logo

Wedding logo is not same as wedding theme. The common design logo is from name of wedding couple, love story, bride and groom’s personality, Wedding logo will make wedding guest think of your wedding at once. You can design wedding logo yourself, ask help from designer or Google it. Just choose your favorite one wedding logo, print on your wedding invitations, decorate background wall of wedding venues; on the way of ceremony, wedding cake and wedding desert; and also can be paste on the bottle, print on the menus, all around wedding party.

wedding logo decoration detailswedding logo on wedding party

  1. Sweet cartoon couple as you twocartoon wedding details
  2. Delicate ring box

Vintage iron style, eco friendly bird’s nest, succulent with turf, and if you’re tired of traditional ring box, hold your wedding ring with book is a fantastic idea.

creative ring boxes

vintage wedding ring boxes

  1. Transparent crystal ball with fresh or fake flowers as wedding decoration, so amazing!
  2. transparent crystal ball decoration5. Creative signature book, popular these days are wood photo frame and money pot shape signature book.

new wooden trends signature book

  1. Choose leaf as Place cards

Write wedding guest’s name on leaves with golden painting pen, as place card also decoration of dishes, economy and environmental protection.

leaves wedding table cards

  1. Bridegroom corsage

Generally bridegroom wear corsage same as his wedding color. But just so so, how to show your personality? Look at these creative corsages; do you know what their jobs are?

cute creative bridegroom corsage

Blue and Yellow Color Themed Real Wedding Party

Abstruse noble blue and bright yellow, give calm sea, wide lawn wedding venues eyes light up.

blue and yellow outdoor wedding party

On your venues, guests sit on chairs shaped gift witness new couples exchange rings and vows.

gift shaped yellow and blue chairs on wedding party

Music is the song groom sang for the bride on the day they fall in love with each other.

blue and yellow wedding venues

Warm sunshine with breeze, a turn back, we find the exciting on the face of groom when seeing bride in her wedding dresses, it is his first look.

yellow and blue beach wedding party

Title changed just one moment, but full of romantic love stories.

If you are planning a blue and yellow color wedding party, order and custom blue and yellow wedding invitations for your own wedding at

blue and yellow wedding invitations

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Real Wedding| A Fairytale Princess Wedding

This wedding party is the perfect combination of girl’s princess dream and wedding, themed Fawn and Forest.

fairytale forest wedding party

This new couple love animals, and they want a relax vibe, make wedding guest feel comfortable, and also the brides is a Mori girl, there is no other them fit them well than Fawn and Forest. Consider uncontrollable, they choose earthen fawn instead of live fawn.


Wedding aisle full of petal, burlywood color chairs for wedding guests, decorated with white yarn in shape of bow knot, the bride and groom exchange their ring under big trees which like real trees decorated with moss, dry wine, plant and fresh flowers.

decoration of the ceremony trees plant and fresh flowers decorate the dry tree fairytale fawn and forest wedding party

Swing on the tree, let fly butterflies are the point telling us that bride are Mori girl and also keys of the whole wedding.

point ideas of a fairytale wedding party

If you also want a fairytale forest wedding, consider these decorations into your wedding, and start with shop wedding invitations first at

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Have an interesting Wedding Easily

The aim of this blog is beautiful and cost-effective.
As we all know that wedding is a party of buy buy and buy. But it doesn’t mean that we could pay the bill for reckless expense with slogan of wedding is once in a lifetime. Some pay millions and millions to have a wedding shocked the world. And some other thinks private wedding is irreplaceable.

Whatever wedding beautiful is the most important, don’t worry about your money, the items recommended this blog are all affordable to everyone.

NO.1 Wax seal

Simply, use it to seal you wedding invitations


NO.2 Interesting sticker

Some creative sticker, your name, your wedding date, and also wishes for wonderful life, or just “we are married” on wedding shoes, wedding cars, your bedroom, floor, hanger, wine glasses. With decoration of these interesting stickers, your wedding level wills higher moment, meaningful and good for taking photos. The key is all of stickers are not expensive.



NO.3 Props for taking photos

Like funny mask or just letters for the wedding couple and wedding guest to take funny photos on wedding party.



NO.4 Balloon

Types of balloon include letter printed balloon, filled by confetti balloons, decorated with tassels balloons, match it perfect with your wedding, it will be very charming.


NO.5 Signature Book

Signature book is necessary to a wedding, it record best wishes from friends and families on your big day. It is the first sign of your wedding when attendance to wedding venues. With a unusual signature book, your wedding will be different to others, such as fingerprint poster, Puzzle signature book, 3D stereo book.



NO.6 Petal or confetti


It is charming and safety, easy to clean.



NO.7 Socks for Bestman

Socks are punchline of groomsman; they can be funny, handsome, and fascinating.


One word to describe the items recommended by this blog is perfect.

The Wedding Dresses You are Looking Are Here

Strapless, V-neck, Boat Neck wedding dresses, all you are looking are here: Couture, luxury as dreaming, the respect and inherit of handmade skill.

mermaid-wedding-dresses-with-open-back luxury-wedding-dresses lace-wedding-dresses-with-big-train fairy-tale-wedding-dresses beautiful-back-wedding-dresses

After wedding dresses, you need to consider a perfect wedding invitations for your wedding now.


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