Best 2019 Wedding Ideas of Taking Living Coral into Wedding

Announced by Pantone, living coral is the color of the year 2019 and it is also the color of new iPhone XR.
coral color

Living color is a warm and enthusiasm color; agreeable sweetness, full of vitality; it is not purple orange color, it is more pinkish, an eye- catching color in the crowd.Living coral color is not popular main color of wedding, but it is normal as single details as embellishment, excellent for every season.

eye-catching living coral color

Following are best wedding ideas of making living coral color into your 2019 wedding party:

1. Wedding Bouquets Ideas:
Warm red, soft pink color, living coral can match them well;
Enthusiasm, vintage or fresh style, no matter what your wedding style, living coral can take a place into your wedding.

living coral color in wedding bouquets

2. Wedding Table Flowers Idea:
Living coral is the best match of pink color, with some different vases, chic and fashionable;
Add some green plus, you will get a happy vibe and surprise your guests.

No matter bouquets, table flowers or head-wear of brides, use living coral color to add visual impact.

3. Paper design ideas:
Include place card, wedding invitation, table card, reception card and other paper design, living coral color can be added by watercolor, illustrator or embellishment.
Together with main wedding color, pop living coral color can be treated as spotlight.

HPI050 / HPI008

4. Table decoration ideas:
Living coral as main wedding table color, both white and deep color match it well. And most of important it is more appetite.

living coral color wedding table decoration ideas

5. Desert Table Decoration:
Loving coral color is good embellishment as flowers or lifelike fondant, try contrast color for more breathtaking effect.

living coral in wedding cakes

6. Ceremony Area and Photo Area Decoration:
Living coral color embellished ceremony area is beautiful too; photos taken at living coral photo area are more warm your heart.

Colorful Lawn Wedding Party Ideas

Speaking to lawn wedding, what will come to your mind? Green + White color or Green + Yellow color palette, and there also wine color as main wedding color, but do you know a colorful lawn wedding is different and amazing too.
colorful lawn wedding
With these inspirations you will have a different unique lawn wedding party:
colorful lawn wedding inspirations
If you are planning a fresh air themed wedding, then lawn wedding is your perfect wedding. On the lawn we can get creative to our heart’s content without limited.
Tips about choose location: Talk details before the big day in case other unexpected charge.

creative colorful wedding party decoration
Almost lawn wedding party are similar in simple fresh color, so you can have a different one with theme: colorful Fable town with chromatic fresh color and artificial flowers together.colorful decoration ideas of lawn wedding

decoration ideas of colorful lawn wedding
Colorful wedding invitations for lawn wedding HPI051
Tips: light up your wedding decoration with diamond blue, flare star purple, cyan rose red and these bright colors.
light up lawn wedding party tones with bright color
Kids Zone: colorful candies, colorful balls, decorate the zone same as amusement park, both kids and parents on the wedding will love it
amusement park kids zone
And here is bridesmaid dresses from for colorful lawn wedding:
bridesmaid dresses for lawn wedding

Have a Delicate Wedding with These Customs

In these days, we always can find some special custom details from pop stars’ wedding photos, we all love it. And we can add some special custom details into your wedding too, your wedding will become more delicate at once, such as monogram of the newly couple or sketch of wedding couple on the wedding cake, desserts; or a custom made wedding invitations with your love story, very artful and diligent
Here are 28 inspirations of custom details you can get into your wedding, bookmark it for your upcoming wedding, and give your guests a sweet delight wedding:
1. Creative Wedding Invitationscreative wedding invitations
Do you know except flat wedding invitation, pocket wedding invitation, there are also photo album wedding invitations , passport wedding invitation, and also you can print your invitation into a balloon, your guests go to wedding venue with the special invitations, so interesting!
special wedding invitations
2. The most important to me is wedding logo, and you can add it on wedding invitation, table card, candies, drinks, even cups.custom a wedding logo
3. Custom Design Gift Bags to package your wedding favors. We can find it at the Royal wedding. With a wedding favor prepared with whole heart, it will be a good wedding favor to your wedding guest. custom wedding favors with special bags
4. Photo crop AND photo background
If you don’t know how to take some novel wedding photos, your photos of childhood, wood chips with your name are good crops to offer help; Photo frame like Ins, twitter are fashion and necessary.
special wedding props
5. Creative signs, like design your own wedding road or location sign, ‘here comes the bride’ hold by flower girls.
special wedding signs
6. Custom Tattoo for bride and bridesmaid with your wedding logo, cute and sweet!
custom wedding tattoos of brides and bridesmaids
7. Wedding car, except flowers, it can be decorated by your dolls, your wedding signs.
special wedding car decoration
8. Robe for bride and bridesmaids, custom robes with your wedding logo, so interesting and unforgettable!
custom Robe for bride and bridesmaids
9. Print wedding logo or wedding date on your wedding shoes; it will be a big surprise at your 50th wedding anniversary.
unique wedding shoes
10. Cuff of Groom, embroider couples’ name and wedding date on it, and express your love low-key.
cuff of groom
11. Special tie, you know you can write your love vows on it, wearing it as close as your heart.
special tie for groom
12. Custom chic ring box, think about cute angels holding it, walking on your aisle, so cute and happy!
chic beautiful ring box
13. Distinctive bouquet, the most popular and easy way is decorating your wedding bouquet with your childhood photos; with this distinctive bouquet to welcome and start your new life.
14. Special custom hanger, we can find it from many wedding photos;
custom hanger for bride and bridesmaid dresses
15. Your names are the most unique element, you can put it everywhere on your wedding party, candies and Macarons in the shape of your name or monogram;
names on the wedding
16. Decorate desert table with you two or your dog in cartoon shapes, so adorable, is it?
dessert table decoration
17. Seals designed for your wedding, it can seal on your invitations, and it can be also sealed on guests’ hands, like the game we played as child.
18. Other special custom details, like exclusive bottle opener, custom phone cases, there are so many things to custom when planning your unique wedding party.
Is there one or two here you want to custom for your own wedding, start now at once to sparkle your guests now.
exclusive bottle opener for wedding

How to Make Small Wedding Not Simple?

I really love small wedding party; it can be meaningful and unforgettable like other wedding without spending so much money, less pressure, less anxious, less details to worry.

Small wedding party needs less time and energy than usual wedding; it is good choice for lovers who don’t want to keep long engagement relationship.small wedding background

Maybe you are same as me, but you don’t know how to have your own small wedding with special decorations, with theses following inspiration, you will get a unique personality wedding party:

  1. Cut down numbers of your wedding guest; Try just invite important people in your life, it will make your wedding party like a intimate party with family and friends not a big assembly; recommend wedding invitations for small wedding:

    wedding invitations for small wedding

    unique wedding invitations for small wedding

  2. Choose a wedding location with special character, you even don’t need to decorate it, like a big old oak, it can be focus of your wedding;

small wedding background

  1. Have ceremony and reception at same place;
  2. More DIY, more personality wedding. A diy wedding gift, DIY jam, cookies on dessert table;DIY small wedding favors
  3. DIY special decoration, like hundreds origami paper, if possible ask help from friends and family, they would very glad to involve in the process, and your wedding will be more meaningful to them;diy small wedding decoration
  4. Don’t treat wedding as a competition, treat it as an intimate party; You can get inspirations from other’s wedding, but not copy;
  5. Think twice if it is necessary, like a big wedding cake, more extra deserts. When make decision, think and think again.
  6. Bridesmaid dresses for small wedding party is different with formal wedding, it don’t need to formal, better to choose the dress that can be worn another occasion, you girls will love it.bridesmaid dresses for small wedding
  7. Wedding vows, write it on something from your heart, it is enough to move everyone. Don’t think it is a job like thesis, don’t press yourself; you don’t need rhetoric, just show your heart, your love;
  8. Don’t go over for perfect. Let it be, if something is not going as expected; flaw is also sweet memory sometimes.

Ways to Announce Your Engagement

How to announce your engagement? Just got engaged, congratulations! Getting engaged is such a big big event in your life you want family and friends share this exciting news with lots of congratulatory hugs and plenty of bubbly; with these etiquette-approved tips, your new relationship status can soon be celebrated among all your loved ones.

engagement party

The Classy Way to Announce Your Engagement

  1. Face-to- Face

If possible, you should tell your parents, your child (if you have) in person first. It is the most respectful route and it will be funny to see Mom and Dad’s full reactions. And then move to other family, sister and brother, siblings, grandparents and the closest friends.

  1. By phone

Phone is also a personal and immediate way to tell your family and friends your engagement next to fact-to-face. But before you dial the number, confirm if it is need to inform him (her), you are not contacted each other for long time.

  1. Through snail mail

Traditionally engagement is officially announced by someone other than the couple. In the past, bride’s mother would send out handwritten notes to formally notify family and friends. Now days instead, send save-the-dates cards if you already decided on a date for the dual purpose of announcing the engagement and informing the recipient date of the wedding.

save the date card

Order custom HPS001 / HPS037

  1. Via E-mail

It is the quicker, easier way to announce your engagement if you have out-of-town friends and families and you usually communicate via e-mail. But if the preconditions do not exist, someone will be offended if you inform your big news via Email.

  1. With an engagement party

An engagement party is a great way if you prefer to tell friends and family all at once. Keep the party hold by parents or closest friend a secret in name of Christmas, Super Bowl or just a causal summer BBQ and announce the engagement during a toast at the beginning of the evening. Most of important is guests of your engagement party are expecting to be invited to your wedding party too.

engagement party ideas

  1. On the Newspaper

Newspaper (or alumni magazine) engagement announcement is way to ensure that more acquaintances- colleagues, classmates won’t be left out. Most American newspaper has a space for couples to announce their engagement for free or for a fee. Sometimes you need multiple announcements if you and the one come from different cities or your parents live in other states.

It is totally a traditional route, it need more time, so make sure you contact the paper as four months before your wedding; check the length and content announcement, who writes it, whether photos needed.

Cute fun ways to tell your family you’re engagement:

  1. On social media

It is not just edit your profile relationship into engaged, you have to find a cutest, creative way to post this exciting news with everyone

Post your engagement photos (or ring) to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is an instant way to announce your big news to your friends and family at once, before you share, double-check that you notified everyone and who deserves formal announcement (face to face or on tel) already informed. Here are the interesting statuses you can post on your social account:

‘He stole my heart, so I’m going to steal his last name! Officially engaged to the love of my life. ‘Cliché but sweet.

‘He asked. I said yes. Sorry boys, I am officially off the market! ‘So funny!

‘So I have finally decided to annoy this person for the rest of my life! Happy and engaged! ‘ sounds very real!

‘Two years of togetherness just wasn’t enough… so we decided to extend it just a li’l bit more. We are thinking of a lifetime together. ‘

You need an amazing picture to get everyone’s attention to share your engagement with the world:

Hold a chalkboard or pre-made sign or prop with words:

  • “I’m going to be a Mrs.”
  • “We’re getting hitched!”
  • “He asked, and I said yes.”
  • “I said yes!”
  • “He stole my heart so I’m stealing his last name!”

Post a ring selfie with him as background;

Have your pet share the news, wrap a sign around its neck, put the ring on its nose or collar and so on;

interesting engagement photos creative engagement announcement photos

How you announce your engagement to the world is up to you, but first make sure telling your closest loved ones—parents, siblings, grandparents, best friends—in person or over the phone, before posting or publishing anything of your engagement.

And avoid announcing your engagement in these ways:

Before it’s actually official, an actual proposal or mutual agreement

At Your Friends or Family Member’s Engagement Party; if someone asks, then feel free to tell them the news, but otherwise hold off until afterward.

Right after Someone just told you their bad news;

During a serious company meeting.

After engagement, start to plan your wedding party with our custom wedding invitations.

Wedding Themes-Rustic Wedding Theme

Rustic wedding theme means different to different people; it can be a rustic farm wedding (Farm to Table wedding is all about using fresh, local ingredients decorated the tables, bags of apples were used as favors), shabby chic barn wedding, woodland fete wedding and also can be rustic modern wedding; but there always something remains the same: wood tables or chairs floral arrangements and outdoor venues; with a few personalized vintage touches you will get a unique style wedding, like custom rustic wedding invitations, hand pick wedding favors.

rustic wedding invitations

Shop Rustic Wedding Invitations >>> HPI096 / HPI068

Nearly 40% of engagements come up from November to February, so it’s critical to look for wedding team now. After settle down your rustic wedding theme, start to choose wedding venues, custom wedding invitations; decide wedding decorations, pick up wedding favors and so on. They are easy to borrow for your own big day as same as vintage wedding themes with these stunning dreamy rustic wedding ideas to pulling off your country-inspired look to make your rustic wedding different.

  1. To an outdoor rustic wedding theme, you don’t need to add much decoration, try to think of ways to enhance nature not compete; like incorporating wood and greenery into your reception.
  2. Welcome your guests with a chalkboard wedding menu propped up by bales of hay, then chalkboard signage, chalkboard escort card, doodle some blossoms in the corners.chalkboard decoration at rustic wedding
  3. Special rustic wedding escort cards: Calligrapherd stones, burlap and lavender escort card display are cute alternative to paper escort cards. And also you can write each guest’s name on a leaf; use pine cones to hold your guest’s table assignments.Special rustic wedding escort cards
  4. Rustic wedding Ceremony arch: fabric curtains are the common of every rustic wedding party. Draped in linen or ribbons and adorned in flowers, a simple wooden arbor becomes an elegant setting for an outdoor wedding ceremony;Rustic Ceremony arch with curtain
  5. Rustic Bridal Bouquet: Choose an arrangement that looks like you could’ve plucked it right out of the garden or field. A bold arrangement of wildflowers lends rustic appeal. Shades of white combined with loose greenery reflect the more laid-back vibe of a rustic wedding. Muted shades of blush, green and ivory look as natural and romantic; Sunflowers are a cheerful choice; add some lavender for contrast. Rustic Bridal BouquetAnd instead of holding bouquets, your bridesmaids can take mini vase of baby’s breath in a twine-wrapped Mason jar when carrying down the aisle, so creative and unforgettable!special rustic bouquets for bridesmaids
  6. Rustic Wedding Decorations: set the scene with these pretty ideas. Treat your guests with colorful Feasting Tables; or Skipping the tablecloth allows the natural wooden table to shine—and gilded china elevates the setting.rustic wedding table decorationCenterpieces of rustic wedding don’t have to be complicated; Reuse mismatched milk bottle and mason jars with white blooms as statement, or utilize vintage milk buckets to hold your flowers as decoration

    Repurposed wine bottles as table numbers pop against the neutral hues of the burlap table cloth and tree stump centerpiece

    Add a pop of color to a burlap-wrapped vessel with a personalized ribbon.

    And also you can place your centerpieces in cowboy boots instead of vases.rustic wedding centerpieces



    creative rustic wedding centerpiecesOverhead decoration: don’t forget to look up when doing dreamy decoration. Use string twinkle lights and glass orbs from the rafters to create ambiance straight out of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.Overhead decoration of rustic wedding

    Rustic Wedding Menu: Instead of paper, list the courses on a rustic slice of wood.Rustic Wedding Menu on wood slice

    Apply Ladder and Antler details to your decoration as holder of photos and wedding flowers;Antler details to rustic wedding decoration

    Antique Sweetheart Table Signs: Hang hand-painted tree slices on the chairs at your sweetheart table.antique rustic table sign

    For rustic wedding, Chairs don’t need to the same too, mismatched antique Chairs, even Hay Bale Lounge can create the wedding vibe perfectly.rustic wedding chairs

    Rustic Wedding Favor:

    Wedding favor is the final impression of your wedding; a thoughtful wedding favor will keep a lasting remember of your guests. If most of your guests are out of town, the favor should be easily packed; if you are having fall or winter rustic wedding, cozy blankets or scarves will be very popular. Other popular wedding favors of rustic wedding include:

    Jars of Jam, Seed Packets, Succulent, Mason Jar Popcorn,Sweet Treats in Burlap Bags,Hand Pickled Veggies, Honey,Maple Syrup,Potted Herbs, Rosemary Olive Oil, Teacup Candles;

    And you can also transform Mason jars into homey wine glasses to turn them into fun wedding keepsakes.rustic wedding favors

    Creative ring holder of rustic themed wedding: a single silk flower surrounded by moss; nestle your rings in a bird’s nest or tie your rings on a simple burlap pillow.creative ring holder for rustic wedding

    Rustic Wedding Cakes decoration: Top your wedding cake with a twine ball; display wedding cakes and desserts on tree trunks or natural wood dessert display. Wrap your cake cutting set in twine.rustic wedding cakes

    Dress up for Rustic Wedding party:

    Dress bridesmaids with cowboy boots or printed dresses with pocket; cowboy hat and jeans for your groomsman.dress up for rustic wedding

    Put your wedding hashtag on cute chalkboard sign decorated with burlap pendants.hashtag slice for rustic wedding

    Make a memorable exit with a wheelbarrow!


    special exit of rustic weddingYou know rustic and modern can together at one wedding party. For rustic modern wedding, combined wildflowers bouquets, classic brandy bar with chic more menu design, gorgeous white wedding cake.

    rustic and modern wedding

What Parts Do Wedding Guest Really Care

Do you know what part your wedding guest really care? And do you know where you should focus your energy and budget on after sending out your wedding invitations to your friends and family, especially when you are planning a budget wedding? As the saying goes “good steel needs to be used for the blade edge” .rose garden wedding invitations stationery

HPI013/ HPR013/ HPS013/ HPT013

The part on a wedding impact wedding guests experience on the big day include photography, videography, wedding venue, wedding decoration, centerpieces, flowers, ceremony, food, dessert, DJ, photobooth and wedding favors.

According research done by polls asking everyone to rank memory from the last wedding they attended with the most memorable and the least memorable, the result showed by the chart:

wedding parts guests care

Food, DJ, venue are the top 3, photo booth and ceremony coming next. And centerpieces, Decor are the least remember. Interesting is people pay less attention on the wedding favors.

Actually it is natural, all the top options are impacted people directly, people prefer to have connection with how comfortable they are in the venue, how interesting the wedding entertainment and how delicious the food (it is too hard to relax when hungry).

So Know about what your guests want to eat by RSVP card first is very important. Hire a DJ or emcee hosting your wedding from start. When choose your wedding venue, take your wedding guest comfortable into consideration, and offer chairs so that guest can have a rest at any time.

response card at happyinvitation

HPR002/ HPR010

Besides, photo booth is where you should pay more attention too. It requires people to step out of their comfort zone and interactive with wedding couple and other wedding guests. An interesting creative photo booth area is very necessary, and you can try to relax people with some interesting props.

interesting photo booth props

Wedding Themes

Vintage Wedding Themes

Wedding themes from vintage style to couple’s favorite film show style, can be creatively used in your wedding invitations, place cards, table centerpieces, wedding decorations; it is a chance to showcase your unique style with interesting and unexpected decorations to make your wedding different from all of the rest. The key to personalizing your nuptial successful is bring in something that will remind people of you, like a color you love to wear, special song, your job, favorite movie, or even just a feeling.

We Happyinvitation collected some most unique wedding themes from vintage to modern and Eco-friendly styles, no matter you’re looking for movie-themed wedding ideas, or beach theme wedding inspirations, you’re sure to find something here. Let’s start with vintage wedding themes, other themes for wedding will be continued soon.

vintage themed wedding party

Vintage wedding themes: Lace is a must for vintage themed wedding;

A muted color palette with ivory, slate grey, rose, and gold is soft and pretty. Wood chairs covered with fabric floral detailing; French baguette at each place setting for guests, vintage bottles wrapped with craft paper and twine for fresh lemonade; all-white cake with a delightfully old-fashioned figurine topper are popular for vintage themed wedding party.

lace on vintage themed wedding party

Want different:

  • Combine your love for tattoos and classic VW bugs into a fun, vintage decoration-filled celebration; inform your guests with wedding invitations included an illustration of a VW bug; give your guests temporary tattoos with the couple’s names on them when they arrive.VW bugs themed vintage wedding
  • Mix of “something old” and “something new together; vintage typewriters and cabinets, and there are also place cards, table cards with modern typography and an Instagram hashtag for guests to use. vintage meet modern weddingBlack and White Monogram Wedding Invitation HPI030 / Tiffany Blue Monogram Wedding Invitation HPI058
  • For 1920s themed wedding, captured the spirit of the Jazz Age. The bride and bridesmaids dressing with flapper-style dresses, use Art Deco style wedding invitation to invite your guests. 1920s themed wedding party1920S themed wedding invitations HPI089
  • 1960s themed wedding, head back to the 1960s at this mod-themed wedding; dress the with the time period’s famous large, fake eyelashes along with a classic short, loose dress. Together with bright orange and blue color scheme to echo the theme.1960s themed wedding party1960s themed wedding invitations HPI049
  • Glamorous vintage wedding theme inspired by Golden Age, Glittery gold numbers on the tables as table card, and decorate reception welcome table with vintage photographs. golden age themed weddingGolden and Age Themed Wedding Invitations HPI076
  • Have a time-themed wedding party; complete with antique clock centerpieces and timepiece place cards. The bride wears a beautiful pocket watch as her necklace. time-themed vintage weddingTime themed wedding invitations HPI013
  • 1950s Retro Style: The bride wears polka-dotted shoes that looked like they came straight from a sock hop and retro-style Coke bottles available as refreshments. HPI035, KSP350

1950s retro wedding

1950s themed blue wedding invitations HPI035 / Pink Retro Short Bridesmaid Dresses KSP350

Vintage wedding dresses collection:

vintage wedding dresses

Vintage wedding Invitations collection at

vintage wedding invitations

Vintage wedding hairstyles inspirations:

vintage wedding hairstyles

With a vintage wedding theme in mind, start thinking about all the ways you can incorporate it from your wedding photos to your wedding invitation.

Decorate Wedding Party with Balloons

decorate your wedding venues with balloons is an amazing ideas. Balloon is necessary to warm up party, decorate your wedding party with balloons, with BALLOON WEDDING INVITATIONS  your wedding party will be the coolest party in the life of your guests.have a balloon wedding

Balloon wedding invitations HPI285

                  Balloon wedding invitations HPI285

And it is cheaper to decorate wedding venues with balloons; you can spend more extra money on other more important parts that your guests most memorable like food, DJ or venue. Having said this, you may thinking, well we can have a try, but believe me after looking at the following ball decoration from real wedding, I am sure you will decide to decorate your wedding with balloon at once, it really gorgeous!

  1. Balloon decorated ceremony area

You’ll get a fantasy wedding back drop with lots of balloons even if on the blank white wall.

Decorated walking aisle with same color or matched color of your wedding color balloons, you’ll look like in the heaven, so easy to get a special and unique wedding aisle.

Balloon together with fresh flowers and leaves, a stunning vivifying arch is there for your wedding; the arch can be in any your favorite color, even superb ombre rainbow color.

gorgeous arch made with balloons and flowers balloons decorate wedding aisle decorate ceremony area with balloons

A circle decoration made with big balloons, flowers and plants, grass and trees must be the unique wedding background.

unique balloon decorated wedding background

  1. Decorate wedding reception area with balloons creative:

Centerpieces: a basket full of flowers and a giant balloon in shape of fire balloon;

fire balloons wedding centerpieces decoration

Desert table: colorful balloon arch with flowers or not, white balloons and green plants in curve shape;

balloon decorated desert area

Decoration table: create fantasy vibe with fire balloon hanged up the table in your wedding color;

A special balloon in Number shape hand upon the table guide your guest find right place quickly.

About wedding tables, with floating balloon decoration, not only save money but also save more rooms.

ues balloon decorate your wedding table flying fire balloon decorated wedding table

Transparent balloons with colorful scraps of paper inside and tassels are gorgeous decoration of wedding centerpieces and chairs at the party.Transparent balloons with colorful scraps of paper inside as wedding decorations

  1. Other ideas of adorn wedding party with balloons:

Instead of bouquets, grasp a bunch colorful balloons; you must be the focus of the whole party. And image that how cute when you pass balloons to your bridesmaids instead of flowers at the tossing part.

balloons instead of wedding bouquets

What do Wedding Guests Want at Weddings?

  1. It may be “your day,” but don’t be selfish, to feel appreciated, your wedding guests deserve to be welcomed, acknowledged, and thanked. Whether it’s your best friend from back in high school, your baby mama, or your spouse’s great-aunt who you’ve never met before, greet them with a smile, thank them for coming, and give them a moment to say what they want to say to you, a chance to take a picture with the bride and groom.enjoy wedding party together
  2. Make wedding guests feel comfort from getting to the wedding, moving around and staying there;
  3. Help your wedding guests get there easy:In terms of wedding invitations, your guests will appreciate having all the wedding details and any directions or maps to get to the venue. This allows them to arrive on time and in good mood. In case you can’t afford it, then transportation to and from the wedding place will always win over your crowd;wedding invitations with mapOrder HPI069
  4. Clear understanding of expectations: are children welcome? Will there be something for them to do? How formal is the event? Will I be expected to pose for photographs? Can I bring a date?Demystifying dress code advanced; consider a “What to Wear” insert card or page on your Wedding Website!
  5. Short ceremony, no longer than a half-hour is better;
  6. Short reception speeches. It’s a wedding, I expect a few speeches. Father of the Bride speech. Best Man speech. Matron/Maid of Honor speech. Mother of the Bride speech. Random drunk uncle speech, if you do too many of them your reception is going to be onerous.
  7. Open bar for free drinks, This is what I want.And candy bar-people Love candy; Good adequate food that tastes at least as good as it bar at wedding
  8. Photo booth – guests love taking silly group pictures with props;wedding photo props

9. Thoughtful gestures – fans/sunglasses/umbrellas/ sunscreen due to weather and season, crayons/coloring books for kids, flip flops for women in heelsto dance, midnight snack;

10. Childcare, if you are having a child-friendly event: a bounce house, games, and no fewer than four teenagers who were hired to keep the little occupied.

11. Respect your guests, treat extroverts and introverts different; create a space that lets the oldsters talk in peace, and lets the hipsters do the Electric Slide.

12.Easy participation in your wedding, this is why throwing rice and blowing bubbles are so popular? It’s because people get to do something!Easy participation in your wedding

13. Stop playing matchmaker; No one wants to be stuck next to someone they are supposed to love only to find out later that it’s a total mismatch.

14. Do away with assigned seats, it’s enough to assign to sit at specific table but not definitely be told which table to sit at especially when they aren’t close with other guests or if the seating separates them from their own spouse or date.

15. For the cake cutting, don’t try to interrupt wedding party for cake cutting, wedding guests secretly don’t care about stopping the party to watch you do the cake cutting. Instead make this a private event during dinner with your parents and bridal party standing around.

16. Make the dinner reception feel more like a party not a snooze fest;

17. Serve Scrumptious Late Night Snacks, You can never go wrong with a crowd favorite!” And your tipsy guests will totally thank you.

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