What TO DO About Bachelorette Party

Ask what the bride wants to do, but keep budget into account especially that every girls share cost, no one shoulder go broke from all of the party. It will be thankful include the price in the bridal shower invitations advanced.

bridal shower invitations

HPB276/ HPB130


Get the Guest List from the Bride, all guests of the party are the one bride wants there and feel comfortable stay. And print out off of them contact number and bring them with you for any unexpected happened.

Don’t Involve the Bride in Everything, surprise her,bachelorette party is the occasion for bride to relax, so try just having bride pack a bag and jump into the car to hug surprise, just make sure you know bride’s calendar.

Don’t over plan the weekend, When making schedule, leave some wiggle room for relax and lounge.

Book as early as you can, you will save money on ticket, travel cost that you can spend on other entertainment, enjoy thbachelorte time.

Sharing Detailed Schedule with Guests, it will be very thoughtful tell people where and when to be. Create an itinerary with all details for the entire weekend, girls prepare outfits for different event, they will feel more comfortable, it is especially important for an out-of –town bachelorte party.

Send Printed Invites, if most of guests are pretty busy, you need print out invites, send to them so that everyone would be able to plan around the date and won’t forget the date.

bachelorette party invitations

HPB276/ HPB116

Think about little Special Decorate, used to make the party different from others like some crops, it will make party interesting, but keep with the theme; You don’t need to buy everything of party, get crafty, reuse some decoration from other party.

Play Interesting Games, interesting game is great icebreaker for girls on the party who don’t know each other, such as balloon popped.

If Alcohol Included, Safety Comes First, make sure every girls get home safe.
Take Fun Photos, if you can, consider hire a photographer, there are so many fun moment worth to be memorable and meaningful to the bride and you can make mug shot boards for everyone with the capture moment.

Except party, you Can Surprise Bride with Groom Involved, a personal note with love from groom will make bride knowing her husband-to-be was thinking about her and she will enjoy the weekend much more.

Gift guest book as Keepsake for the Bride, best wishes from attending are recorded by the guest book, it is the best memory to bride.

Bride Give Out Fun Favors to thank girls attending, especially bridesmaids who share cost of your bachelorette party, favors don’t need to expensive or extravagant, favors are something express your thankful about your appreciate they are here with you.

Keep Away from These Bridal Makeup

On the wedding day, you need not just make up, you also need making hair, a whole look matching wedding theme; there are lots to do so we prefer to find a professional bridal make up for help.

make up of bride

But there are so many makeups at or near your location with high-skilled or low-skilled professional. What can we do to avoiding awful makeup as a bride for the big day?

If the bridal makeup does following, get away from them:

  1. Bridal makeup you can’t meet

It happens at some famous studio. You even can’t meet your makeup before your wedding day, your thinking just convey by sales. It is so terrible. A bridal makeup who don’t know bride’s favor, wedding theme, wedding dress, you can’t count on they will show off your best on your big day. Just one advice keep away from them.

  1. Pre-make up is not allowed

Trying make up early is a process that can help you decide if she or he is the one you are looking for. It is very important, you can judge it from the cosmetic (famous or unknown), clothing, speech, skill of making up (especially how they deal details like eyelash and crispy)


  1. Bridal make up who steal from others

Generally speaking we find bridal makeup from a bulk of information, it is too hard to us to estimate if reliable, the picture they sent to is real or just steal from others. One suggestion, try to find from friends who got married recently, wedding site, wedding plan company or bride group on Facebook, Google+.

If you are planning to check their formal works, try to check photos on the wedding, which are not rebuilt by PS for the perfect effect. And there is one important make sure the pictures are your makeup not the whole team.

 4. Don’t respect privacy of customers

SNS are so popular, we upload photos every day, we love share. But if the same thing is done by business, it is not good especially not allowed by you. It is so terrible, your photo was uploaded to SNS today, your contact information even your chatting record will be posted tomorrow.  Keep away from these bridal makeups as far as you can.

bridal makeup with service concept

  1. Bridal makeup who dont service concept

Simply speaking, bridal makeup will follow you the whole day, their manner will affect your mood. What we need to find the one, who have service concept with professional skill, even can calm you down on the day.

Wedding is the most important occasion our life, finding, trying and comparing to get a makeup to ensure you look your absolute best on your wedding and don’t be keen on getting things on the cheap.

wedding make up for bride

And if you want to looking for wedding invitations, check our website happyinvitation.com, you will get out best service with one-to-one free customize service according your wedding.

How Purple Take Part Into Your Wedding

Amethyst is the guardian stone of February, give lovers, couple love, honest and courage. There will be magic chemical reaction with your wedding.

purple in wedding party

Amethyst wedding rings and jewelry, it is trendy and more cheaper; no matter your born on February or proposal on February, or purple color your favorite color, choose amethyst ring as your wedding ring;

purple wedding ring and jelwery

Purple wedding invitations:

Lively watercolor purple blossom on the wedding invitations is perfect;

purple watercolor wedding invitations

Watercolor purple blossom wedding invitations HPI011


Purple Wedding Bouquet:

Walking on the aisle with purple wedding bouquet, your future life will be romantic like amethyst;

purple flowers wedding bouquet

Purple Bridesmaid Dresses:

Purple is the color same as navy blue, easy matching, available for every season, style and theme. Your bridesmaids will delight your guests with purple bridesmaid dresses.

purple bridesmaid dresses

                       KSP379/ KSP171


Speak of drink, if you are summer bride, DIY lemon and lavender drinking is the best, creative and economical.

lavender and lemon drink for summer wedding

Wedding Cakes and top:

Wedding cakes in soft purple tone looks cute, and you can also put cute topper in purple color, you will get perfect cakes for your wedding. Or purple satin ribbon twine around wedding cake or purple flowers decorated white wedding cakes; it will become the spotlight of your wedding.

purple wedding cakes and topper

Purple Wedding Shoes:

Cinderella meet prince on the party with crystal shoes, and it is the inspirations of wedding shoes, it so dreamy that marry the one with a pair of purple crystal shoes.

purple wedding shoes

Hair accessory and crown:

Crown for brides can be made with fresh purple flowers; it is perfect for bono style bride and bridesmaids; or decorated veil and updo with elegant purple flowers.

purple flower crown for bride

Wedding favor:

A gift package full of dry lavender with classic print as wedding favor to thank wedding guest is good choice.

dry lavender wedding favor

Acc of Groom:

Groom can try chic purple corsage or bowtie with your special taste and make your whole style outstand easily.

purple acc of groom


Wedding Plan Tips

Choose a day or two to focus on wedding planning. Put thing to plan wedding together and do things one by one on schedule, end up with everything snowballing around you.  Don’t stress yourself out in the beginning; you cannot make everyone happy; this is your day, a day about love, everything else is bonus.

Finish your to-do list early.

Reserve your wedding date first; don’t hire any vendors before you’ve confirmed your date;

Work out wedding budget: determine how much you would to spend include parent’s contribution and your own money;

Start the guest list: throughout your planning process, like number of wedding invitations, RSVP gifts; if you are in budget, the best way is to reduce your wedding guest list;

Book your officiant;

Reserve wedding venues: decide whether to have separate locations for the ceremony and the reception. If wedding venues doesn’t offer catering service, meet and book caterers as early as you can; once date and venue are selected, the rest will fall into place;

Research photographers, bands, and florists if needed, and be sure they’re open to doing thing you want; you don’t need to talk about details at this time just get their promise;

Search and order wedding dresses, wedding shoes and undergarments;

Reserve hotel room for guests who needed, as close as to the reception is important;

Register at least of 3 websites for wedding gifts, and you can add it on your wedding invitations;

Register a wedding website help to you get everything organized, the more organized you are, the less chance there is that something will go wrong;

Order wedding invitations card, if needed order response card, reception card, thank you card together, you will get a uniform wedding card, put your wedding website on it if you are already registered. Send out the wedding invites 6-8 weeks before the day.

wedding invitations card

Shop for bridesmaid dresses: decide who pay for the dress first. Look through cheap bridesmaid dresses from kissprom at cheaper price and free color and size customize service;

cheap bridesmaid dresses online

Send out save the date card, it is not important unless your wedding is destination wedding;

Consider wedding car: limos, minibuses, trolleys or town bus;

Select and taste wedding cake and desert, try to compare several bakers before settle down;

If you hire a wedding planner, send your guest list to the host of your wedding party after you get RSVP from them and confirm with telephone; and event schedule to the vendor, it can be draft, decide the schedule after discussing with vendor.

Check hair and makeup artists, the same, try to compare not just visit one place; confirm time with them again one month before your wedding day;

Choose wedding music together for announced, dinner and dance;

Time to settle down the menu and wedding flowers;

Choose and order wedding favors if needed and gifts for bridesmaids;

Discuss and decide who are going to speak on the party;

Order wedding ring together;

Get your marriage license;

Assign seating which is a hard and time-waste work;

Confirm vendors details again a week before the wedding and final wedding guest list.

Stay Organized, embrace the unexpected;

Top Trends of 2017 Wedding Dresses

If you are going to get married in 2 years, then you should know these trends before you trying your wedding dresses to find the one that prepared for you.

top fashion 2017 wedding dresses

  1. Stereo Flower Appliqué;

The romantic stereo flower appliqué design of 2017 wedding dresses adds some funny of the simpler wedding silhouette.

Stereo Flower Appliqué wedding dresses

  1. High Front Low Back;

Tea length is the perfect choice of chic brides. But if you don’t like untraditional style wedding dresses or your calf is not slender, this style wedding dress is not the one. The length of this dress can show off your beautiful wedding shoes and it is more comfortable.

high low wedding dresses 2017

  1. Hollow Design;

Wedding dresses with hollow design is the perfect combination of personality and elegant. You are the only point of the whole party. So if you are the bride who are confidence with your body and love bold avant-garde design, then choose hollow out wedding dresses.

hollow out wedding dresses 2017

  1. Long Train;

Big hemline is the hottest of 2017 wedding dresses. If you are dreaming become princess since childhood, try wedding dresses with big skirt. But it will be difficult to dance.

2017 wedding dresses with long train

  1. Off the shoulder;

Off the shoulder design can be in flowing summer wedding dresses, it can also be in delicate bohemia style wedding dresses.

off the shoulder wedding dresses 2017

  1. Soft tone color wedding dresses;

Wedding dresses can be in other color except white. The un-white wedding dresses break the traditional, it is the synonym of romantic, and it is the gift for romantic bold bride.

2017 soft color wedding dresses

  1. Victoria High Neck;

High neck is popular for years, from simple to vintage aesthete Victoria style. The delicate exquisite lace helps to get dreaming wedding dresses.

Victoria High Neck wedding dresses 2017

  1. Contracted Style;

Contracted but not simple is proved again by fashion trends. Precisely cut and beautifully tailored together, so original.

Contracted Style wedding gown

  1. Corselet Style;

It is related with revive of Victoria, perfect your curve of top body; simple the skirt, brides look sexy and elegant. And just a simple high bun, a chic earring is enough to match corset wedding dresses.

coeselet style wedding dresses 2017

  1. Cloak style;

It is the practical design of fall and winter wedding dresses. It is special and warm.

wedding dresses 2017 with cloak

  1. Printing style;

Printing style wedding dresses is perfect for spring and summer wedding party. And same as corset wedding dresses don’t need more ACC.

2017 printing wedding dresses

Before order your wedding dresses, check wedding invitations we prepare for you at happyinvitation.com at cheaper price, you will get more budget to order your dreaming wedding dresses.

cheap wedding invitations online

You Can Have Wedding like This

Are you afraid of your wedding become bored, nothing new that will be waste time to your wedding guests? It is your wedding, one time a life, everybody come give them best wishes and share your happiness, try to drop the corny forms down, learn these bright ideas to have an unique wedding everybody love it.

a personality wedding

  1. Wedding Venue

Forget hotel which is hardly to order, you can have your wedding in the orchard, cliff edge, art gallery, the lawn, garden or woodland, even a pub, it is so personality. Remember separate the dinner from ceremony venue.

impressive wedding venue

special wedding venue ideas

  1. About desert

Rent an ice cream car, or a bar counter of marshmallow and popcorn~

different wedding desert

  1. Wedding car

Instead of grand wedding car, try off-road vehicle, pick-up truck, carriage, classic VW minibus and golf car or tract even a bus. If you don’t like all of them, how about a new bubble car, so cool!

unusual wedding car

interesting wedding cars

  1. Wedding Game

An interesting wedding game is very important to avoiding boring, and interactive Jenga game with interesting punishment, are you hearing the laugh?

interesting wedding games

  1. Brilliant Prop

Put some props besides wedding photo area, you will get more interesting photos mash tag your wedding.

interesting wedding photo props

  1. Let pets witness your wedding

Your pet as one of family, don’t give it the cold shoulder, let it witness your happiness together, they will be a necessary spotlight on your wedding day.

get pet involved in wedding

  1. Mismatched Bridesmaid Dressesmismatched blue bridesmaid dresses
  2. Inform your guests start with custom unique wedding invitations at happyinvitation.com.cutsom unique wedding invitations

2017 Wedding Color Palette

Wedding color schemes changed every year, we happyinvitation.com collected following popular wedding color combos for 2017 wedding party:

First, Pink and Ivory;

Neutral soft colors always loved by wedding, pink tone color and ivory color together is the classic color palette that never out of fashion; what tender colors for spring and fall, who can reject them.

pink and ivory wedding color palette

Neutral Pink wedding invitations/ short pink bridesmaid dresses

Second, the easiest matching color: bright yellow;

No matter your main color of wedding is enthusiastic red or romantic purple, and you want more colors into your wedding, consider bright yellow. Bright yellow color is ornamental for its higher saturability, it is effective at embellish.

bright yellow wedding color for fall

bright yellow wedding invitations/ yellow flowers wedding invitations

Third, Garnet;

No matter what style you want- bright, bold, charming or elegant, garnet can do it all.

garnet wedding color palette

blue wedding invitations/ garnet bridesmaid dresses 

Forth, Pure White:

If you have difficult in choosing color, then why not try purple white; Clean white color make your wedding more elegant and demure. And of course it will be better with some green plant.

white and green wedding color combos

green bridesmaid dresses short

When to Send Out Wedding Invitations?

Wedding invitation is one of the most important elements for your big day, for it provides party guests crucial information of your wedding, especially while some details of your wedding don’t follow a strict set of rules, your invitations do have a set of hard-and-fast rules to follow.

It is also very important to pay attention to sending out wedding invitations timeline and stick to it, let your guests know not to schedule any other plans for that date.

When to send out wedding invitations?

Traditionally, wedding invites should go out 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding date, guests have plenty of time to arrange their time schedules and make travel arrangements if they don’t live in town (in fact most of us do have friends or family out of town). And for a destination wedding, send wedding invitations out two or three months ahead of time to give guests more time to make trip plan. You can send out STD’s as soon as you have your wedding date nailed down. This will give guests as much time as possible to book travel, babysitters, etc.

It is wise to send RSVP card together with wedding invitations, the date to list on your RSVPs that they need to be returned by 2-3 prior to your wedding date. If some guests still haven’t responded by your deadline, give them a call or email to confirm. So you have enough time to get a final head count to the caterer and finalize your seating chart.

Most couples also send out save-the-date cards. They go out at 6 to 8 months.

The rules of wedding etiquette are constantly changing; timeline of sending wedding invitations is all flexible. For a short-notice wedding, the mailing date might easily compress down to six weeks; for far-flung guest travel wedding party, t would likely expand to 4-6 months.

Now you know when should send out wedding invitations, plan backward to decide the date the order wedding invitations at happyinvitation.com, remember take the time you need to address the invitation into consideration when decide when to order invitations for wedding party and time for double checking guests’ address.

invitations for wedding party

Winter Wedding Can Be Warm

Winter wedding party can be warm too, with some knit fabric you can avoid cold easily.

Warm Winter Wedding Inspirations:

winter wedding invitations

HPI032/ HPI283

bride with kniteed decoration of warm winter wedding jersey covered on wedding dresses warm knitted for winter wedding party

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