Wedding Invitations Disaster Make Your Hair Stand on End

Wedding invitations disaster included wedding invitations itself and wedding invitation etiquette;

Your wedding invitation serves two main purposes:

First, and most importantly, they inform family and friends of the wedding details so they can be there on time to celebrate together with you.

Second wedding invitations are also your guests’ first glimpse of your wedding style. They can hint at the formality of the party, the color palette and even set the tone for every piece of printed paper that will follow (menus, escort cards and so on).

letter print pocket wedding invitations HPI273

So it is very important to pick the right invitation which is a bit more involved than you initially think; avoiding these wedding invitations disaster to make sure it stands out in the sea of wedding invites:

Misspelling and Unfortunate acronyms: When your wedding invitations arrived, your fiancé’s middle name, your name even your parents’ name maybe misspelled.

Avoiding this wedding invitations disaster:

Carefully proofread again and again to make everything was kosher before print invitation out. And if it did happened, contact your supplier as soon as possible to get right wedding card on time.

wedding invitations with acronyms

HPI058/ HPI035

Unauthorized alterations: The style wedding invitation you order is out of stock now, it happens when you order pocket wedding invitations or template wedding invitation.

Avoiding this wedding invitations disaster:

Order custom made wedding invitations not template wedding invites, double check the stock of the style invitation you order with your supplier.

Unapproved let out advanced: Your card supplier posts your digital proof online public before you had a chance to send them to your friends and families.

Receive nice wedding invitations with elegant design, but when your mom mail them out, she glued very ugly decoration on it without mentioning it to you. Perfect colors, perfect font, perfect sensibility, you DIY your wedding invitations at your favorite. but you forget very important thing, like date, venue, or time, it is done by yourself, and there is no one else you can blame, so crazy!

Ordering wedding invitations in number of per person not Household, it will break your wedding budget.

Remember, if you’re having 200 guests at your wedding, that doesn’t mean you need 200 invitations! You only need to send one invitation per HOUSEHOLD. You’re best married friends may be two individual people, but they only need one invitation.

Not ordering enough quantity as back up; Due to most site offer ordering in groups, so even if you only need just one more, you really need to order the group more, it waste money too

Wedding Invitations Not Setting the Tone of your wedding party;

Your wedding invitations is the first glimpse your guests will get into your wedding, so if you send a vintage wedding invitations, your guests will expect a retro wedding from wedding decoration, venue, food. If they show up it’s a modern affair, it won’t make any sense to them.


vintage wedding invitations HPI010

vintage wedding invitations HPI010

modern calligraphy wedding invitations HPI017

modern calligraphy wedding invitations HPI017

Using Address Labels instead of digitally printed or hand calligraphy. It will make your beautiful invitation look like a cheap knock-off quicker.

Order custom wedding invitations at, all these disasters will be avoided in advanced. Most of important it won’t break your bankrupt, $1 cost, you will get one invitation, one response and matched envelopes, and we will send digital proof to check again and again before we print invitation out. You can make changes any time before we print it out.

Grey and Green Wedding

Today is all about grey and green wedding colors theme. This color theme is perfect for that in-between season time, like fall and winter, winter and spring. Chic grey color is neutral and can range from soft blue-gray to dark, warm charcoal, paired with green color will create something unexpected unique and earthy palette. Plus lots of wooden style grey and green color theme meets rustic outdoor wedding theme perfectly. Please scroll down to the end and enjoy all the lovely wedding color ideas of grey and green colors palette that is understated, chic and modern.

grey and green wedding party

Keeping the same or similar color design throughout your whole wedding, from save the date card to the table decorations to create a ‘brand’ of your wedding day. Kick-start your wedding plan by your wedding invitation design, line background with green details, unique grey monogram photo invitations will start your wedding off wonderfully.

grey and green wedding invitations

Line Green Detail Wedding Invitations HPI026/ Grey Monogram Photo Wedding Invitations HPI028

Besides white color wedding gowns, watercolor grey wedding gowns are so amazing choice for modern fashion-forward bride. Matched with silver jewel, you will look beautiful.

delicate grey wedding gowns

About bridesmaid dresses, grey bridesmaid dresses will look elegant on all your girls, while green bridesmaid dresses only look gorgeous on right girls. In order to make sure all your girls feel 100% comfortable. It’s best to try first if you choose green dresses for your girls in green color.

grey bridesmaid dresses

About reception venue decoration: style table with grey linen table cloths; tie around wooden wedding chairs with grey line ribbon and little details too. Olive scented candles will give your reception a lovely fragrance. It’s best to incorporate a lot of nature elements into your decorations and details, like put olive leaves to dark gray napkins, wedding cakes even corsage, using wooden tree slices as part of your table centerpieces.

wedding decoration of grey and green wedding party

About wedding cakes, try olive-flavored wedding cakes and dessert, don’t worry it actually delicious and your guests won’t have had it before. You will easy surprise them with olive-flavored wedding cakes. If you don’t want to take this advantage, you can order normal wedding cakes decorated with olive leaves.

wedding cakes for grey and green wedding party

Wedding favors ideas of grey and green wedding: Olive scented soap is the best.

wedding favor of grey and green wedding

Choose grey and green colors as your dominant color in your palette doesn’t mean you must use them equally. Decide center color first before you start to make decision about wedding invitations, wedding decorations from linens to lighting.Wedding flowers and bouquets: White, green and grey colors are the best combination.

grey and green wedding flowers

Church Wedding Decoration Tips

Church wedding decorations will play an important role overall of your wedding decoration scheme if you are going to spend your big day in a church (spread your big news of our church wedding invitations). It can be an elaborate or a simple affair, how to decorate the church for your wedding depends on your wedding budget, wedding theme and rules of the church. With just some simple creative church wedding decoration tips, you can distinguish your wedding from everyone else’s.

church wedding invitations HPI086

Church wedding invitations HPI086

Before start to plan your church wedding decoration, talk to the administrators of the church to find out what their rules for wedding decoration, what you can do, what you can’t do. If someone is hired helping with your wedding decoration, meet with them at the church, talk rules and your ideas of the decoration, decide on a budget for your church wedding decoration, setting decorating priorities stick on your wedding budget. About decoration priorities of church wedding, the further from the altar, the further down the priority.

Flowers and bows still make a very beautiful pair in wedding decorations. The bow adds the softness that calls for the occasion and the flowers in season the air of festivity and celebration, include standing displays, floral displays on the pews, windowsills, balconies and runner aisle, pew bows and so on; with flower and bow, adding a touch of color to highlight the lightness of your wedding. Detail inspirations of church wedding decoration:

  • Church Outdoor Decoration; greet your guests before they even get into the ceremony with garlands of flowers, add wreaths to doors or standing displays, vinyl wedding stickers in your initials, names or themed graphic are alternative, or display large arch decorated fresh blooms in season at the entrances for new couple and guest to walk cross. In spring or summer, small citrus plants can be placed next to the doors, while a corn shock will look splendid in Fall while miniature evergreen to flank doors during winter holiday season.outside wedding church decoration
  • Decorate Pew with floral bouquets tied with ribbon include all-white flowers and lace makes the church even lighter and creates a romantic setting; Mirror the bouquet of the bride. Candles in hanging vases are the highlight of the pew decorating creating a soft, dreamy atmosphere for the whole church can be done using a shepherd’s hook. Also you can creative use empty jars or corded lasso and tie them with a string onto the pews. You won’t need a professional florist to arrange the flowers for you because you just stick them into the jar. And contemporary and unique alternatives to the traditional bow are available. Consider the following ideas to decorate your church wedding pews: Mistletoe, holly and ivy; floral balls; Mini wicker baskets with petals; Tulle or ivy swags; Small umbrellas hung upside down, filled with flowers.pew decoration for church wedding
  • Aisle Runner decoration: place lush arrangements or flickering candlelight on either side of the aisle is normal; A fabric aisle runner is one of the easiest ways to customize the space – you can even create a custom aisle runner featuring a personalized monogram or add some flower petals down the walkway. If the church already has a great floor with a vivid design, it is important that you do not over do on your aisle decorations. Another unique and simple to decorate aisle is spice thing up by decorating real live tall plants along the aisle to give a splotch of color and when walking down the aisle there will be a breeze wedding running aisle decoration
  • Altar area decoration ideas: decorate altar area is a vital part of a church wedding; all of the guests are directed towards this area. It is very important to arrange the decoration flowers with moveable pillars and columns so they can be moved in and out of photos as needed. Decorate the candelabras place on either side of the altar with wedding flowers same as bridesmaid’s or bride’s bouquet. For more, rent cute statue in shape of angel, heart, love, there will be spotlight of your altar decoration.

church wedding altar decoration

  • Windowsills and Balconies decoration: both of them all secondary of the decoration. If you are in budget you can just do simple. Windowsills are perfect areas for candles also flowers in vase or basket. Nestle votive candleholders between garland section on top of the balcony railing, tulle or ivy garlands swag across the top of balcony in a similar fashion to altar railing.

However you need to carefully consider how to blend your decorations with the existing décor of the church. If your wedding church is already beautiful, with elaborate artwork, carved wood, or stained glass windows, keep your decoration simple.

Who Should I Invite to My Wedding?

Who should I invite to my wedding with unique wedding invitations? It is one of the most stressful parts when planning a wedding. Get a handle on your guest list before you start to writing down their names on paper, marked with invite or not invite.

invite wedding guest with wedding invitations HPI037

wedding invitations HPI037

Here are solutions to keep your wedding guest list under control:

  1. How many guests to invites depend on your wedding budget and your wedding site, stick it to these two from begin decide your guest till you receive their response card. And number of wedding guest of each family depends on who pay for the expense, it is simple and easy, but in fact things are complicated, you have to find an equitable way to divide the guest list based on this and Make things clear to both your families early on.
  2. Start list from your closest, which you can’t imagine getting married without, like family and close friends you hang out with every weekend, college witness by closest
  3. Then include all people you think you should invite, Aunts, Uncles, cousin and high school friends you stayed in touch with; Then your coworkers, neighbors, your parents’ friends. And backup wedding guest list if many can’t come for on the big day.
  4. The rule of thumb when creating a guest list is to treat family groups equally. So, yes, if you invite one aunt, you should invite all aunts (and uncles, cousin too).
  5. Ask yourself some questions before you write their name on your wedding guest list following the must invite person: When was the last time I saw this person or long phone conversation? Is this person a positive influence in my life? Would we keep it touch if we moved away? Do I spend holidays and birthdays with this person? Am I aware of the day-to-day aspect of this person’s life?
  6. Whether to invite single to bring a date to the wedding? To whom in a long-term relationship should be invited with his or her significant other; If you don’t want people email response card back to you include the name of a guest you don’t invite, forget about adding “and guest” on your wedding invitation.
  7. Is it OK to invite EX? It is acceptable if one partner has an ex with who shares children, otherwise it is generally considered taboo. Invite or not invite, couples decide together.
  8. NO Kids? Limited Kids? You can claim on your invites or asking friends and family to spread the world.
  9. About coworker, if there are only few people in your office, it is proper to invite everyone and if you work for a big company, apply for “but” for test: if the company dissolved tomorrow, would you still be friends with them? You can just invite your closet pals. If coworker married or in a long-term relationship, you must include their partners in the invitations.
  10. What about your boss? That depends on your rapport. Ask yourself is this person a positive influence in my life? Will I comfortable if he or she is in your wedding?
  11. One final factor to consider potential invitees is what kind of guest they would make; can they play the MC/ Host?
  12. Do we have to invite all of our reception guests to our ceremony? The answer is OK. If so wedding invitation and RSVP card even save the date card should focus on the reception, the ceremony shouldn’t be mentioned.divide ceremony and reception apart
  13. If you were invited to their wedding, do you have to invite them to yours? It also depends. If you attend their wedding within one year and you are still close, then you should. But if you lost contact since their nuptials, you may not need to invite them, while if you really want them back to you life, invite them.

Besides there also something unexpected happened, wedding guest list may differences from both parents, your intimate wedding maybe become a bigger and bigger. You don’t need to crazy; just tell your parents that they could invite anyone that you and your fiancé seen in the last six month and you can add their guest to your backup list.

A wedding is such a personal affair, you should just invite the people you really want to come, keep away from these people:

When you get call from him or her, what you thought first is “what do they want”;

The one who had sexual relations with you or your betrothed;

The one who don’t even know you or your significant other before the wedding;

Fun Games Recommend for Bridal Shower Party

Bridal shower party game is a great way to break the ice between strange or unfamiliar guests; it will make you shower party fun. Your guest will have a genuinely enjoyable time even if a few of these games sound a little cliché, here are some popular and fun games to play at bridal shower party:

  1. The Mr & Mrs Quiz: Who Knows the Bride Best

Have pre-printed paper with different questions (15-20 questions) about the bride, groom and their trivia (like what does the bride plan to name her first child?); and have the groom fill out a questionnaire before the day. During the party, ask the bride to fill out the same questionnaire & make her guess what he would have answered. Get guest to play: Pass the paper out to the guests and set a time limit. Whoever gets the most correct is the winner.

  1. Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest, a game never fails to make guests crack up

Split 3-5 women into one group, one play “the bride” role, the others must make a wedding dresses with toilet paper to dress her up in about 15-20 minutes, the bride picks her favorite after a fashion show.

Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses game

  1. The Kitchen Apron Memory Game

Buy lots of utensils to pin on the apron and make sure couple of them are not unusual, pin all of them to an apron that the bride-to-be must wear for one quick walk around the room. Then take the apron off, and ask partygoers to jot down all of the items that were on it. The person with the most wins! And the apron and kitchen tools can be kept by bride as gifts.

Kitchen Apron Memory Game

  1. Bridal Bingo Game, follows traditional bingo rules, but in order to match wedding-theme, replaces the word ‘bingo’ with ‘bride.

Create bingo cards, lists facts relevant to the future Mr and Mrs inside each square (you will get help from some website if you don’t know how to start), for example the name of the city where the couple meet each other. The one who mark off a line horizontally, vertically or diagonally first win a prize.

Bridal Bingo Game

  1. Is it Truths or False, ask guests state three stories, two truth and one false.

The stories can be related with bride or groom and also not. Others try to pick out the false, and who correctly picks out the lie get a point, the most one wins. It will be very interesting for the truth often turn out to be wackier than lies.

  1. Puzzle Guest Book, made with the names of the bride and groom (or just the bride)

Place the piece in a bowl or hat, asking guests of the party sign the back. Everyone assembling the pieces while bride-to-be opens her gifts , that is the embarrassing time.

Puzzle Guest BookBridal Bingo Game

  1. Lingerie game, if your shower theme is lingerie

Each guest bring a new lingerie as gift that match their personality and style, hang them around the room, have the bride guess whom the gift from. At the end of the party, she goes home with a new lingerie wardrobe.

interesting Lingerie game

  1. What’s in Your Purse, raid guests’ purse or bag

Before the game, print a paper with list of standard items we usually have in our purse like lip gloss, credit card and some more random objects like dog treats. How to play: the host calls out the item on the list and the one who first pull the object from purse win or who carries the most things on the list in their bag win the game.

  1. Emoji Pictionary, guest decipher their wedding words and phrases using emojis correctly instead of traditional wording.

Download digital and print it without together with answer. I love this game, it is so interesting.

Emoji Pictionary game

  1. Taste the Cake Game, guess the flavors

Prepare a cake bar with bite-size cake, write out the flavor of each cake and place it beside the cake pieces.  Player blindfolded and walked down the table with help of the host, whoever guesses the most flavors correctly wins. And remember to sips of champagne between bites to cleanse the palate.

  1. Guess Who Am I

This guessing game involves a card with an iconic name on guests’ forehead, offer hints until guests guess successful who they are.

who am i game

  1. Match nickname to guest, party guests write down their nicknames that little-known on paper

Hang the slips of paper with nickname on a cute board or just place them in a hat or glass bowl, host read aloud each name one by one, ask the ladies to write their guesses for each nickname on the corresponding line. People who guess the most win a prize.

  1. Change game to professional lesson, treating your guest to a learning experience they’ll never forget.

Professional lesson like makeup class, bake class and other interesting and useful lesson will loved by the guests and they will thank you for doing this.

profession lesson

  1. Pass recipes to the Mrs-to-be, every guest share their favorite recipes with the bride with preprinted card with ingredients, directions and special tips.
  2. Special Newlywed Game, best with alcohol

Teams of two take turns trying to thread a broom handle held between the legs of one woman into a paper towel or toilet paper tube held between the legs of the other. Fastest time wins.

Invite your guest to have fun with the bride together with our bridal shower invitations:

bridal shower invitations

Fun Wedding Ideas

Just a little different and unexpected wedding detail will make your wedding day fun and make your day memorable. There are tons of wedding ideas, you need some unconventional but totally awesome ideas and incorporate parts or all of these funny wedding ideas from wedding invitations to aisle runner, reception if you need your wedding to be special and unique.

Top Tip: Pick out those that you think the majority of you and your guests will appreciate most, which fit within your budget and your wedding theme.

1. Create an original wedding invitation and RSVP card even save the date card with your personalities. It can be formal or any fancy type card. And with you don’t worry about budget, you will get unique and custom design wedding invitations with free matched Response card at price $1.

2. Have a pre-wedding field day so your groomsmen and bridesmaids can get acquainted with one another if they are not familiar with each other.
3. About wedding reception:
 Change seating from formal straight rows to circular pattern around you, it can not only make you more visible to all the guests but make everyone feel more included, get more closer, the whole ceremony more intimate.
 Serve your drinks on practical bespoke printed coasters are a fun way and your guests can take them home as wedding favors.

practical bespoke printed coasters

 Design your wedding table card and place card. Forget about easel, cardboard; think of your wedding theme, wedding venues, your hobby. For example, if you are have outdoor wedding, hang names to trees with beautiful ribbons. Or hold your place card with something topical or novel.
4. About wedding bouquet and wedding flowers
 Pinning something sentimental to bride’s bouquet, it can be photo of loved one, your love token.

bridal bouquet with something sentimental


 Make guests be your florists. On your way up to aisle, each guest at the ends of each row hand you a flower to create your bouquet. This works well if the bride is not given away by anyone.

 Instead of fresh flower, you can make beautiful paper flowers that you can keep forever; especially you have love letters you sent each other. Less is more; make a bold statement with one huge paper flower in right color.

fun wedding flower ideas

 Do you know your bridesmaids don’t need to carry flowers; they could carry lanterns, feathers or parasols.

special bouquet for bridesmaid

5. About wedding guest book
 It doesn’t have to be a book; it can be Jenga blocks (that your guest can play when they are waiting) or a pack of card.
 Leave out advice card near the guestbook

special wedding guest books

6. About wedding cakes and wedding desert
 Decorate wedding cakes with custom fun cake topper created in your likeness.

cute wedding cake topper

 Give your guests more choice of desserts, let them creative with prepared topping or decorations or giant banana split.

banana split reception

7. About wedding decoration
 Great lighting is the economically and easily way of wedding decoration, it is not only the transform from day to night but also with up-lighting by images or project patterns, lighting can create all kinds of effect you want.

beautiful creative lighting

 Keep old post mail box or toys for guest to put their card in on the wedding day.

 Incorporate your love story into the aisle runner, it can text or photos of your important moment.

love story aisle runner

 Sparkle dance floor every one dance

8. About wedding games
 Give each table a name of a song or lyric, when that song plays everyone at the table has to stand up and dance to keep guest in the groove.
 Attach garter to football, rugby ball or golf ball and throw it.
 Interesting Beer Pong game.
 Nostalgiccootie catchers fortune teller or display word search napkins at the bar.
funny wedding games
9. About wedding photos
 Take a picture of your wedding rings with newspaper of your wedding day as a keepsake.


 Hire a wedding photographer with sense of humor or have artist/ cartoonist paint your ceremony, it will be great displayed the picture in your home.

wedding photographer with humor

 Instead of a photo booth, set up photo stand-ins, and prepare some interesting props or sparklers. You will get very funny photos of group, selfie stick.

interesting wedding photos ideas

10. About wedding favors
 To those who really special individual around you (bridesmaids, maid of honor) creating everlasting keepsakes like bespoke handkeychief.

 The more thoughtful or practical favors, the more memorable they will be. Bespoke sunglasses, soap for spring and summer days, and wraps for fall and winter days. Flip flops or custom Converse are always needs for those who wear high heels.
 Instead of prepare favors advance, let people fill up bags with candy of their choice.

11. If allowed have your own beer bar, or serve it in water coolers.

wedding beer bar

12. About bride and groom
 For groom, corsage is not necessary, it can be anything just stick to your wedding theme like mini guitars, a starfish or a shell.
 Choose a transform wedding dress; you can be dance-floor-ready in seconds.

fun ideas of groom and bride

13. About bridesmaids, sometimes bridesmaids in an array color bridesmaid dresses look prettier than same one color.

mismatched bridesmaid dresses                             long bridesmaid dresses with twist bust KSP279
14. About flower girls, who said flower girls must be child, your grandmother can be your flower girls.

15. Let people DIY their own confetti combo, they will get more fun from begin to combo to end tassel it to you.
16. If you are not on budget, get a celebrity impersonator to rock out at your reception.

What TO DO About Bachelorette Party

Ask what the bride wants to do, but keep budget into account especially that every girls share cost, no one shoulder go broke from all of the party. It will be thankful include the price in the bridal shower invitations advanced.

bridal shower invitations

HPB276/ HPB130


Get the Guest List from the Bride, all guests of the party are the one bride wants there and feel comfortable stay. And print out off of them contact number and bring them with you for any unexpected happened.

Don’t Involve the Bride in Everything, surprise her,bachelorette party is the occasion for bride to relax, so try just having bride pack a bag and jump into the car to hug surprise, just make sure you know bride’s calendar.

Don’t over plan the weekend, When making schedule, leave some wiggle room for relax and lounge.

Book as early as you can, you will save money on ticket, travel cost that you can spend on other entertainment, enjoy thbachelorte time.

Sharing Detailed Schedule with Guests, it will be very thoughtful tell people where and when to be. Create an itinerary with all details for the entire weekend, girls prepare outfits for different event, they will feel more comfortable, it is especially important for an out-of –town bachelorte party.

Send Printed Invites, if most of guests are pretty busy, you need print out invites, send to them so that everyone would be able to plan around the date and won’t forget the date.

bachelorette party invitations

HPB276/ HPB116

Think about little Special Decorate, used to make the party different from others like some crops, it will make party interesting, but keep with the theme; You don’t need to buy everything of party, get crafty, reuse some decoration from other party.

Play Interesting Games, interesting game is great icebreaker for girls on the party who don’t know each other, such as balloon popped.

If Alcohol Included, Safety Comes First, make sure every girls get home safe.
Take Fun Photos, if you can, consider hire a photographer, there are so many fun moment worth to be memorable and meaningful to the bride and you can make mug shot boards for everyone with the capture moment.

Except party, you Can Surprise Bride with Groom Involved, a personal note with love from groom will make bride knowing her husband-to-be was thinking about her and she will enjoy the weekend much more.

Gift guest book as Keepsake for the Bride, best wishes from attending are recorded by the guest book, it is the best memory to bride.

Bride Give Out Fun Favors to thank girls attending, especially bridesmaids who share cost of your bachelorette party, favors don’t need to expensive or extravagant, favors are something express your thankful about your appreciate they are here with you.

Keep Away from These Bridal Makeup

On the wedding day, you need not just make up, you also need making hair, a whole look matching wedding theme; there are lots to do so we prefer to find a professional bridal make up for help.

make up of bride

But there are so many makeups at or near your location with high-skilled or low-skilled professional. What can we do to avoiding awful makeup as a bride for the big day?

If the bridal makeup does following, get away from them:

  1. Bridal makeup you can’t meet

It happens at some famous studio. You even can’t meet your makeup before your wedding day, your thinking just convey by sales. It is so terrible. A bridal makeup who don’t know bride’s favor, wedding theme, wedding dress, you can’t count on they will show off your best on your big day. Just one advice keep away from them.

  1. Pre-make up is not allowed

Trying make up early is a process that can help you decide if she or he is the one you are looking for. It is very important, you can judge it from the cosmetic (famous or unknown), clothing, speech, skill of making up (especially how they deal details like eyelash and crispy)


  1. Bridal make up who steal from others

Generally speaking we find bridal makeup from a bulk of information, it is too hard to us to estimate if reliable, the picture they sent to is real or just steal from others. One suggestion, try to find from friends who got married recently, wedding site, wedding plan company or bride group on Facebook, Google+.

If you are planning to check their formal works, try to check photos on the wedding, which are not rebuilt by PS for the perfect effect. And there is one important make sure the pictures are your makeup not the whole team.

 4. Don’t respect privacy of customers

SNS are so popular, we upload photos every day, we love share. But if the same thing is done by business, it is not good especially not allowed by you. It is so terrible, your photo was uploaded to SNS today, your contact information even your chatting record will be posted tomorrow.  Keep away from these bridal makeups as far as you can.

bridal makeup with service concept

  1. Bridal makeup who dont service concept

Simply speaking, bridal makeup will follow you the whole day, their manner will affect your mood. What we need to find the one, who have service concept with professional skill, even can calm you down on the day.

Wedding is the most important occasion our life, finding, trying and comparing to get a makeup to ensure you look your absolute best on your wedding and don’t be keen on getting things on the cheap.

wedding make up for bride

And if you want to looking for wedding invitations, check our website, you will get out best service with one-to-one free customize service according your wedding.

How Purple Take Part Into Your Wedding

Amethyst is the guardian stone of February, give lovers, couple love, honest and courage. There will be magic chemical reaction with your wedding.

purple in wedding party

Amethyst wedding rings and jewelry, it is trendy and more cheaper; no matter your born on February or proposal on February, or purple color your favorite color, choose amethyst ring as your wedding ring;

purple wedding ring and jelwery

Purple wedding invitations:

Lively watercolor purple blossom on the wedding invitations is perfect;

purple watercolor wedding invitations

Watercolor purple blossom wedding invitations HPI011


Purple Wedding Bouquet:

Walking on the aisle with purple wedding bouquet, your future life will be romantic like amethyst;

purple flowers wedding bouquet

Purple Bridesmaid Dresses:

Purple is the color same as navy blue, easy matching, available for every season, style and theme. Your bridesmaids will delight your guests with purple bridesmaid dresses.

purple bridesmaid dresses

                       KSP379/ KSP171


Speak of drink, if you are summer bride, DIY lemon and lavender drinking is the best, creative and economical.

lavender and lemon drink for summer wedding

Wedding Cakes and top:

Wedding cakes in soft purple tone looks cute, and you can also put cute topper in purple color, you will get perfect cakes for your wedding. Or purple satin ribbon twine around wedding cake or purple flowers decorated white wedding cakes; it will become the spotlight of your wedding.

purple wedding cakes and topper

Purple Wedding Shoes:

Cinderella meet prince on the party with crystal shoes, and it is the inspirations of wedding shoes, it so dreamy that marry the one with a pair of purple crystal shoes.

purple wedding shoes

Hair accessory and crown:

Crown for brides can be made with fresh purple flowers; it is perfect for bono style bride and bridesmaids; or decorated veil and updo with elegant purple flowers.

purple flower crown for bride

Wedding favor:

A gift package full of dry lavender with classic print as wedding favor to thank wedding guest is good choice.

dry lavender wedding favor

Acc of Groom:

Groom can try chic purple corsage or bowtie with your special taste and make your whole style outstand easily.

purple acc of groom


Wedding Plan Tips

Choose a day or two to focus on wedding planning. Put thing to plan wedding together and do things one by one on schedule, end up with everything snowballing around you.  Don’t stress yourself out in the beginning; you cannot make everyone happy; this is your day, a day about love, everything else is bonus.

Finish your to-do list early.

Reserve your wedding date first; don’t hire any vendors before you’ve confirmed your date;

Work out wedding budget: determine how much you would to spend include parent’s contribution and your own money;

Start the guest list: throughout your planning process, like number of wedding invitations, RSVP gifts; if you are in budget, the best way is to reduce your wedding guest list;

Book your officiant;

Reserve wedding venues: decide whether to have separate locations for the ceremony and the reception. If wedding venues doesn’t offer catering service, meet and book caterers as early as you can; once date and venue are selected, the rest will fall into place;

Research photographers, bands, and florists if needed, and be sure they’re open to doing thing you want; you don’t need to talk about details at this time just get their promise;

Search and order wedding dresses, wedding shoes and undergarments;

Reserve hotel room for guests who needed, as close as to the reception is important;

Register at least of 3 websites for wedding gifts, and you can add it on your wedding invitations;

Register a wedding website help to you get everything organized, the more organized you are, the less chance there is that something will go wrong;

Order wedding invitations card, if needed order response card, reception card, thank you card together, you will get a uniform wedding card, put your wedding website on it if you are already registered. Send out the wedding invites 6-8 weeks before the day.

wedding invitations card

Shop for bridesmaid dresses: decide who pay for the dress first. Look through cheap bridesmaid dresses from kissprom at cheaper price and free color and size customize service;

cheap bridesmaid dresses online

Send out save the date card, it is not important unless your wedding is destination wedding;

Consider wedding car: limos, minibuses, trolleys or town bus;

Select and taste wedding cake and desert, try to compare several bakers before settle down;

If you hire a wedding planner, send your guest list to the host of your wedding party after you get RSVP from them and confirm with telephone; and event schedule to the vendor, it can be draft, decide the schedule after discussing with vendor.

Check hair and makeup artists, the same, try to compare not just visit one place; confirm time with them again one month before your wedding day;

Choose wedding music together for announced, dinner and dance;

Time to settle down the menu and wedding flowers;

Choose and order wedding favors if needed and gifts for bridesmaids;

Discuss and decide who are going to speak on the party;

Order wedding ring together;

Get your marriage license;

Assign seating which is a hard and time-waste work;

Confirm vendors details again a week before the wedding and final wedding guest list.

Stay Organized, embrace the unexpected;

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