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Colorful Lawn Wedding Party Ideas

Speaking to lawn wedding, what will come to your mind? Green + White color or Green + Yellow color palette, and there also wine color as main wedding color, but do you know a colorful lawn wedding is different and amazing too.
colorful lawn wedding
With these inspirations you will have a different unique lawn wedding party:
colorful lawn wedding inspirations
If you are planning a fresh air themed wedding, then lawn wedding is your perfect wedding. On the lawn we can get creative to our heart’s content without limited.
Tips about choose location: Talk details before the big day in case other unexpected charge.

creative colorful wedding party decoration
Almost lawn wedding party are similar in simple fresh color, so you can have a different one with theme: colorful Fable town with chromatic fresh color and artificial flowers together.colorful decoration ideas of lawn wedding

decoration ideas of colorful lawn wedding
Colorful wedding invitations for lawn wedding HPI051
Tips: light up your wedding decoration with diamond blue, flare star purple, cyan rose red and these bright colors.
light up lawn wedding party tones with bright color
Kids Zone: colorful candies, colorful balls, decorate the zone same as amusement park, both kids and parents on the wedding will love it
amusement park kids zone
And here is bridesmaid dresses from for colorful lawn wedding:
bridesmaid dresses for lawn wedding

Wedding Themes-Rustic Wedding Theme

Rustic wedding theme means different to different people; it can be a rustic farm wedding (Farm to Table wedding is all about using fresh, local ingredients decorated the tables, bags of apples were used as favors), shabby chic barn wedding, woodland fete wedding and also can be rustic modern wedding; but there always something remains the same: wood tables or chairs floral arrangements and outdoor venues; with a few personalized vintage touches you will get a unique style wedding, like custom rustic wedding invitations, hand pick wedding favors.

rustic wedding invitations

Shop Rustic Wedding Invitations >>> HPI096 / HPI068

Nearly 40% of engagements come up from November to February, so it’s critical to look for wedding team now. After settle down your rustic wedding theme, start to choose wedding venues, custom wedding invitations; decide wedding decorations, pick up wedding favors and so on. They are easy to borrow for your own big day as same as vintage wedding themes with these stunning dreamy rustic wedding ideas to pulling off your country-inspired look to make your rustic wedding different.

  1. To an outdoor rustic wedding theme, you don’t need to add much decoration, try to think of ways to enhance nature not compete; like incorporating wood and greenery into your reception.
  2. Welcome your guests with a chalkboard wedding menu propped up by bales of hay, then chalkboard signage, chalkboard escort card, doodle some blossoms in the corners.chalkboard decoration at rustic wedding
  3. Special rustic wedding escort cards: Calligrapherd stones, burlap and lavender escort card display are cute alternative to paper escort cards. And also you can write each guest’s name on a leaf; use pine cones to hold your guest’s table assignments.Special rustic wedding escort cards
  4. Rustic wedding Ceremony arch: fabric curtains are the common of every rustic wedding party. Draped in linen or ribbons and adorned in flowers, a simple wooden arbor becomes an elegant setting for an outdoor wedding ceremony;Rustic Ceremony arch with curtain
  5. Rustic Bridal Bouquet: Choose an arrangement that looks like you could’ve plucked it right out of the garden or field. A bold arrangement of wildflowers lends rustic appeal. Shades of white combined with loose greenery reflect the more laid-back vibe of a rustic wedding. Muted shades of blush, green and ivory look as natural and romantic; Sunflowers are a cheerful choice; add some lavender for contrast. Rustic Bridal BouquetAnd instead of holding bouquets, your bridesmaids can take mini vase of baby’s breath in a twine-wrapped Mason jar when carrying down the aisle, so creative and unforgettable!special rustic bouquets for bridesmaids
  6. Rustic Wedding Decorations: set the scene with these pretty ideas. Treat your guests with colorful Feasting Tables; or Skipping the tablecloth allows the natural wooden table to shine—and gilded china elevates the setting.rustic wedding table decorationCenterpieces of rustic wedding don’t have to be complicated; Reuse mismatched milk bottle and mason jars with white blooms as statement, or utilize vintage milk buckets to hold your flowers as decoration

    Repurposed wine bottles as table numbers pop against the neutral hues of the burlap table cloth and tree stump centerpiece

    Add a pop of color to a burlap-wrapped vessel with a personalized ribbon.

    And also you can place your centerpieces in cowboy boots instead of vases.rustic wedding centerpieces



    creative rustic wedding centerpiecesOverhead decoration: don’t forget to look up when doing dreamy decoration. Use string twinkle lights and glass orbs from the rafters to create ambiance straight out of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.Overhead decoration of rustic wedding

    Rustic Wedding Menu: Instead of paper, list the courses on a rustic slice of wood.Rustic Wedding Menu on wood slice

    Apply Ladder and Antler details to your decoration as holder of photos and wedding flowers;Antler details to rustic wedding decoration

    Antique Sweetheart Table Signs: Hang hand-painted tree slices on the chairs at your sweetheart table.antique rustic table sign

    For rustic wedding, Chairs don’t need to the same too, mismatched antique Chairs, even Hay Bale Lounge can create the wedding vibe perfectly.rustic wedding chairs

    Rustic Wedding Favor:

    Wedding favor is the final impression of your wedding; a thoughtful wedding favor will keep a lasting remember of your guests. If most of your guests are out of town, the favor should be easily packed; if you are having fall or winter rustic wedding, cozy blankets or scarves will be very popular. Other popular wedding favors of rustic wedding include:

    Jars of Jam, Seed Packets, Succulent, Mason Jar Popcorn,Sweet Treats in Burlap Bags,Hand Pickled Veggies, Honey,Maple Syrup,Potted Herbs, Rosemary Olive Oil, Teacup Candles;

    And you can also transform Mason jars into homey wine glasses to turn them into fun wedding keepsakes.rustic wedding favors

    Creative ring holder of rustic themed wedding: a single silk flower surrounded by moss; nestle your rings in a bird’s nest or tie your rings on a simple burlap pillow.creative ring holder for rustic wedding

    Rustic Wedding Cakes decoration: Top your wedding cake with a twine ball; display wedding cakes and desserts on tree trunks or natural wood dessert display. Wrap your cake cutting set in twine.rustic wedding cakes

    Dress up for Rustic Wedding party:

    Dress bridesmaids with cowboy boots or printed dresses with pocket; cowboy hat and jeans for your groomsman.dress up for rustic wedding

    Put your wedding hashtag on cute chalkboard sign decorated with burlap pendants.hashtag slice for rustic wedding

    Make a memorable exit with a wheelbarrow!


    special exit of rustic weddingYou know rustic and modern can together at one wedding party. For rustic modern wedding, combined wildflowers bouquets, classic brandy bar with chic more menu design, gorgeous white wedding cake.

    rustic and modern wedding

Decorate Wedding Party with Balloons

decorate your wedding venues with balloons is an amazing ideas. Balloon is necessary to warm up party, decorate your wedding party with balloons, with BALLOON WEDDING INVITATIONS  your wedding party will be the coolest party in the life of your guests.have a balloon wedding

Balloon wedding invitations HPI285

                  Balloon wedding invitations HPI285

And it is cheaper to decorate wedding venues with balloons; you can spend more extra money on other more important parts that your guests most memorable like food, DJ or venue. Having said this, you may thinking, well we can have a try, but believe me after looking at the following ball decoration from real wedding, I am sure you will decide to decorate your wedding with balloon at once, it really gorgeous!

  1. Balloon decorated ceremony area

You’ll get a fantasy wedding back drop with lots of balloons even if on the blank white wall.

Decorated walking aisle with same color or matched color of your wedding color balloons, you’ll look like in the heaven, so easy to get a special and unique wedding aisle.

Balloon together with fresh flowers and leaves, a stunning vivifying arch is there for your wedding; the arch can be in any your favorite color, even superb ombre rainbow color.

gorgeous arch made with balloons and flowers balloons decorate wedding aisle decorate ceremony area with balloons

A circle decoration made with big balloons, flowers and plants, grass and trees must be the unique wedding background.

unique balloon decorated wedding background

  1. Decorate wedding reception area with balloons creative:

Centerpieces: a basket full of flowers and a giant balloon in shape of fire balloon;

fire balloons wedding centerpieces decoration

Desert table: colorful balloon arch with flowers or not, white balloons and green plants in curve shape;

balloon decorated desert area

Decoration table: create fantasy vibe with fire balloon hanged up the table in your wedding color;

A special balloon in Number shape hand upon the table guide your guest find right place quickly.

About wedding tables, with floating balloon decoration, not only save money but also save more rooms.

ues balloon decorate your wedding table flying fire balloon decorated wedding table

Transparent balloons with colorful scraps of paper inside and tassels are gorgeous decoration of wedding centerpieces and chairs at the party.Transparent balloons with colorful scraps of paper inside as wedding decorations

  1. Other ideas of adorn wedding party with balloons:

Instead of bouquets, grasp a bunch colorful balloons; you must be the focus of the whole party. And image that how cute when you pass balloons to your bridesmaids instead of flowers at the tossing part.

balloons instead of wedding bouquets

Grey and Green Wedding

Today is all about grey and green wedding colors theme. This color theme is perfect for that in-between season time, like fall and winter, winter and spring. Chic grey color is neutral and can range from soft blue-gray to dark, warm charcoal, paired with green color will create something unexpected unique and earthy palette. Plus lots of wooden style grey and green color theme meets rustic outdoor wedding theme perfectly. Please scroll down to the end and enjoy all the lovely wedding color ideas of grey and green colors palette that is understated, chic and modern.

grey and green wedding party

Keeping the same or similar color design throughout your whole wedding, from save the date card to the table decorations to create a ‘brand’ of your wedding day. Kick-start your wedding plan by your wedding invitation design, line background with green details, unique grey monogram photo invitations will start your wedding off wonderfully.

grey and green wedding invitations

Line Green Detail Wedding Invitations HPI026/ Grey Monogram Photo Wedding Invitations HPI028

Besides white color wedding gowns, watercolor grey wedding gowns are so amazing choice for modern fashion-forward bride. Matched with silver jewel, you will look beautiful.

delicate grey wedding gowns

About bridesmaid dresses, grey bridesmaid dresses will look elegant on all your girls, while green bridesmaid dresses only look gorgeous on right girls. In order to make sure all your girls feel 100% comfortable. It’s best to try first if you choose green dresses for your girls in green color.

grey bridesmaid dresses

About reception venue decoration: style table with grey linen table cloths; tie around wooden wedding chairs with grey line ribbon and little details too. Olive scented candles will give your reception a lovely fragrance. It’s best to incorporate a lot of nature elements into your decorations and details, like put olive leaves to dark gray napkins, wedding cakes even corsage, using wooden tree slices as part of your table centerpieces.

wedding decoration of grey and green wedding party

About wedding cakes, try olive-flavored wedding cakes and dessert, don’t worry it actually delicious and your guests won’t have had it before. You will easy surprise them with olive-flavored wedding cakes. If you don’t want to take this advantage, you can order normal wedding cakes decorated with olive leaves.

wedding cakes for grey and green wedding party

Wedding favors ideas of grey and green wedding: Olive scented soap is the best.

wedding favor of grey and green wedding

Choose grey and green colors as your dominant color in your palette doesn’t mean you must use them equally. Decide center color first before you start to make decision about wedding invitations, wedding decorations from linens to lighting.Wedding flowers and bouquets: White, green and grey colors are the best combination.

grey and green wedding flowers

Church Wedding Decoration Tips

Church wedding decorations will play an important role overall of your wedding decoration scheme if you are going to spend your big day in a church (spread your big news of our church wedding invitations). It can be an elaborate or a simple affair, how to decorate the church for your wedding depends on your wedding budget, wedding theme and rules of the church. With just some simple creative church wedding decoration tips, you can distinguish your wedding from everyone else’s.

church wedding invitations HPI086

Church wedding invitations HPI086

Before start to plan your church wedding decoration, talk to the administrators of the church to find out what their rules for wedding decoration, what you can do, what you can’t do. If someone is hired helping with your wedding decoration, meet with them at the church, talk rules and your ideas of the decoration, decide on a budget for your church wedding decoration, setting decorating priorities stick on your wedding budget. About decoration priorities of church wedding, the further from the altar, the further down the priority.

Flowers and bows still make a very beautiful pair in wedding decorations. The bow adds the softness that calls for the occasion and the flowers in season the air of festivity and celebration, include standing displays, floral displays on the pews, windowsills, balconies and runner aisle, pew bows and so on; with flower and bow, adding a touch of color to highlight the lightness of your wedding. Detail inspirations of church wedding decoration:

  • Church Outdoor Decoration; greet your guests before they even get into the ceremony with garlands of flowers, add wreaths to doors or standing displays, vinyl wedding stickers in your initials, names or themed graphic are alternative, or display large arch decorated fresh blooms in season at the entrances for new couple and guest to walk cross. In spring or summer, small citrus plants can be placed next to the doors, while a corn shock will look splendid in Fall while miniature evergreen to flank doors during winter holiday season.outside wedding church decoration
  • Decorate Pew with floral bouquets tied with ribbon include all-white flowers and lace makes the church even lighter and creates a romantic setting; Mirror the bouquet of the bride. Candles in hanging vases are the highlight of the pew decorating creating a soft, dreamy atmosphere for the whole church can be done using a shepherd’s hook. Also you can creative use empty jars or corded lasso and tie them with a string onto the pews. You won’t need a professional florist to arrange the flowers for you because you just stick them into the jar. And contemporary and unique alternatives to the traditional bow are available. Consider the following ideas to decorate your church wedding pews: Mistletoe, holly and ivy; floral balls; Mini wicker baskets with petals; Tulle or ivy swags; Small umbrellas hung upside down, filled with flowers.pew decoration for church wedding
  • Aisle Runner decoration: place lush arrangements or flickering candlelight on either side of the aisle is normal; A fabric aisle runner is one of the easiest ways to customize the space – you can even create a custom aisle runner featuring a personalized monogram or add some flower petals down the walkway. If the church already has a great floor with a vivid design, it is important that you do not over do on your aisle decorations. Another unique and simple to decorate aisle is spice thing up by decorating real live tall plants along the aisle to give a splotch of color and when walking down the aisle there will be a breeze wedding running aisle decoration
  • Altar area decoration ideas: decorate altar area is a vital part of a church wedding; all of the guests are directed towards this area. It is very important to arrange the decoration flowers with moveable pillars and columns so they can be moved in and out of photos as needed. Decorate the candelabras place on either side of the altar with wedding flowers same as bridesmaid’s or bride’s bouquet. For more, rent cute statue in shape of angel, heart, love, there will be spotlight of your altar decoration.

church wedding altar decoration

  • Windowsills and Balconies decoration: both of them all secondary of the decoration. If you are in budget you can just do simple. Windowsills are perfect areas for candles also flowers in vase or basket. Nestle votive candleholders between garland section on top of the balcony railing, tulle or ivy garlands swag across the top of balcony in a similar fashion to altar railing.

However you need to carefully consider how to blend your decorations with the existing décor of the church. If your wedding church is already beautiful, with elaborate artwork, carved wood, or stained glass windows, keep your decoration simple.

Real Wedding Party- Star War Themed Wedding

In the unknown area of galaxy, en empire sturmabteilung appears to a mysterious place, they’re performing ‘hunt down’ about love, man and wife together defeat them back to their empire.

star war themed wedding party







star war wedding ideas

The groom corsage;

star war groom corsage

Wedding bouquet of star war wedding party;

wedding bouquet of star war wedding party

Decoration of wedding venue of star war themed wedding:

decoration of star war wedding

This lawn ceremony style is natural; White is main color, with flowers, so fresh. Colorful balloon add green and white color more lively.

Special fingerprint sign in on the oil cloth;

special fingerprint sign in

Decorated desert table with star war element, fresh flowers;

star war elements on the desert table

When darkness fall, name of couple light on the lawn, means new begin of the couples;

logo of couple's name light on the lawn

Most of important put star war element on your wedding invitations.

wedding invitations for star war wedding

Wedding Invitation for star war: HPI077

Inspirations of Coffee Theme Wedding

coffee theme wedding is ideal for autumn and winter wedding.

interesting coffee theme wedding staffs

Coffee brown is the conservative color, but it also can help to set friendly and approachable atmosphere, bring a high degree of sophistication or elegance to a wedding.

approachable coffee theme wedding

If you are coffee lovers or your first date is at local coffee shop Coffee theme is choice for couples wan to add personal touch to their wedding but still conservative and down to earth.

personal touch coffee theme wedding

Coffee theme wedding is particularly tasteful. Something new, something old, something borrowed, something brewed. The coffee shop you meet is the best wedding Venus for your causal, yet rich coffee themed wedding party.

causal chic coffee themed wedding

Next about the coffee wedding invitations, we have some great wedding invitations for you to choose. Click the image to get more details.

 sweetheart coffee wedding invitations HPI068  unique photo brown wedding invitations HPI067  artist coffee wedding invitations HPI017

Inspirations of Gothic Wedding

Gothic wedding is perfect for you if you are a member of the Gothic subculture or vampire lore that your tastes are run to the dark side, like black calla lilies. Don’t hesitate and go ahead to have your Gothic wedding now, a Gothic themed wedding will have many factors that are required to make it Gothic, dark candelabras, a spooky candy buffet, purple lighting, and fog.

sparkle dark black gothic wedding

Gothic wedding themes, decide it with Gothic movie you two like; be creative to have a Gothic wedding, that’s will unique enough;

game of throne gothic wedding

About wedding Venus, a Gothic castle full of cold stone corridors helps set the mood of a Gothic environment and give your wedding a good outlook;

gothic wedding castle venus

Gothic Wedding decoration, make sure that candlelight is prominent at your venue so that the flickering flames with set an eerie mood for you and your guests;

prominent candlelight on gothic wedding

Gothic wedding colors, consider only few color white, black, red and purple. This color palette is indicative of a gothic theme and runs through the ceremony from the flowers, the dress, the cake and everything else;

gothic wedding decorations

black pocket wedding invitations for gothic wedding

Click for the Black Pocket Wedding Invitations

When selecting your gothic wedding flowers think crimson roses, deep purple calla lilies or burgundy (black) dahlias to accent your wedding bouquet and centerpieces.;

gothic wedding flowers

Traditional white wedding dress is not suitable for gothic wedding.

gothic wedding dresses

Elegant Nude Wedding Color Palette Inspirations

I believe many brides change their wedding color over and over again before they set down the color. They are too many colors and color combinations to choose, it is really difficult thing. Then how about choose nude color for your wedding. Nude colors, is an elegant color seems almost no color; it is the main wedding color of many tasteful couples, and trend color of 2016 wedding.

Nude color palette look ethereal and all kinds of dreamy, it is so easy to put together and look beautiful and harmonious; soft blue shades and nude like watercolor, peaceful and represent a fresh start. Here is nude color palette for your wedding party:

Nude Ivory with yellow, gold and latte wedding color palette: it’s rustic, warm and full of whimsy;

Yellow Gold Latte Nude Ivory wedding color palette

Light pink, Mauve, Antique Gold, Blush and Ivory wedding color palette: feel like a fairy tale; the important of this color palette wedding party is to find small ways to express like fine china, beautiful lace overlays;

light pink mauve antique gold blush pink and ivory color palette

Gray, Silver and White wedding color palette: It’s timeless, it’s beautiful; shimmery hues look so amazing together

Gray Silver White wedding color palette

Dusty Rose, Blush Pink, Peach, Antique Gold, Ivory & White wedding color palette: its love, it’s all the things little girls dream of when they think of their wedding day. Combine as many pinks as you like (they mix and match with surprising ease) and then crown them in glittering gold.

Dusty Rose Blush Pink Peach Antique Gold Ivory & White wedding color palette

Antique Gold, Silver & Ivory wedding color palette: really romantic;

Antique Gold Silver & Ivory wedding color palette

Sky Blue, Camel & Ivory wedding color palette: inspired by the sky at daybreak, it’s peaceful and represents a fresh start;

Sky Blue, Camel & Ivory wedding color palette

Copper Rose, Antique Gold, Mauve, Peach, Blush, + Ivory: incorporated both metallic and pastels, it maybe a color palette that you’ve never considered before.

Copper Rose, Antique Gold, Mauve, Peach, Blush wedding color palette

Nude wedding invitations:

cheap nude color wedding invitations

Click for the Nude Wedding invitations HPI062/ HPI013/ HPI014/ HPI054

Cherry Blossom Wedding Ideas

The cherry blossom is warm, pure, and noble; to many people it is a symbol of love and hope, beauty as well as romantic. Holding a cherry blossom wedding, it is a perfect gift to the new couple. Let’s enjoy the dreamy cherry blossom wedding together.

cherry blossom wedding

Cherry blossom is pink, so choose a soft color wedding dresses, like off white; If you are a personality bride, consider peach or grey.

romantic cherry blossom wedding

cherry blossom wedding dresses wedding dresses for cherry blossom wedding

About bridesmaid dresses, pink, white, peach, grey and other soft colors are harmonious.

bridesmaid dresses for cherry blossom wedding

Click for the Pastel Pink Long Bridesmaid Dress

Cherry blossom wedding cakes may be the leading role of the food aficionado. Besides cherry blossom jellies, pudding, Macarons, biscuits and tea. What a big surprise to make these different light refreshments!

cherry blossom wedding cakes cherry blossom wedding dessert

Talking on the decoration of the wedding scene, the cherry blossoms must be the lead. It needs the flower to put on the desk, handed by the participants. In all seasons, where there have cherry blossoms, there has a warm spring.

cherry blossom bride crown cherry blossom wedding flowers cherry blossom wedding centerpieces cherry blossom wedding invitations

Click for the Watercolor Cherry Blossom Wedding Invitation

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