How to Postpone Your Wedding in Style?

Unfortunately, something unexpected happened like COVID-19, you need to postpone your wedding a few months or even years and reschedule it. If you have to, then do it in style, here are some tips for postponing your wedding day:

  1. You don’t need to worry and sad, your wedding is postponed not canceled.
  2. To whom who may already be in touch with friends and family about the change, you might be looking for a more official way to info your guest they don’t need to save the date, consider sending a “change the date” card online or by mail like your unique wedding invitations. You just want to make sure that every guest knows that the event has definitely been postponed, but is still going to happen—and when it does, you’ll want them to be there to celebrate with you.postpone card
  3. Talked to your vendor, you may have already have rescheduled a new date for the festivities.
  4. If others are hired to plan your wedding, then read all the vendor contracts you’ve already signed a thorough read so that you know exactly how to move forward and may be able to get some money back or a full refund.
  5. Reach out to your wedding insurance company immediately if you opted in. This will let you know how to proceed and how much money you may be able to get back.
  6. Update your wedding website too.
  7. Help your guest out as much as possible, it will be helpful to your guest who has started planning for your wedding far in advance. They don’t need to return their wedding guest dresses, bridesmaid dresses, but You may be able to help when it comes to hotel rooms. It’s definitely worth trying and your friends will thank you for your help.
  8. Check your legal paperwork. If you’re postponing your wedding, know that you may need to file for a new one for the date of your future celebration.
  9. Celebrated on the planned wedding date with your partner to honor the day.
  10. Stay happy, stay healthy, and focus on the things in life that bring you joy to get you through this trying time!


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