Wedding Invitations Disaster Make Your Hair Stand on End

Wedding invitations disaster included wedding invitations itself and wedding invitation etiquette;

Your wedding invitation serves two main purposes:

First, and most importantly, they inform family and friends of the wedding details so they can be there on time to celebrate together with you.

Second wedding invitations are also your guests’ first glimpse of your wedding style. They can hint at the formality of the party, the color palette and even set the tone for every piece of printed paper that will follow (menus, escort cards and so on).

letter print pocket wedding invitations HPI273

Letter print Pocket Wedding Invitations HPI273


So it is very important to pick the right invitation which is a bit more involved than you initially think; avoiding these wedding invitations disaster to make sure it stands out in the sea of wedding invites:

Misspelling and Unfortunate acronyms: When your wedding invitations arrived, your fiancé’s middle name, your name even your parents’ name maybe misspelled.

Avoiding this wedding invitations disaster:

Carefully proofread again and again to make everything was kosher before print invitation out. And if it did happened, contact your supplier as soon as possible to get right wedding card on time.

wedding invitations with acronyms

HPI058/ HPI035

Unauthorized alterations: The style wedding invitation you order is out of stock now, it happens when you order pocket wedding invitations or template wedding invitation.

Avoiding this wedding invitations disaster:

Order custom made wedding invitations not template wedding invites, double check the stock of the style invitation you order with your supplier.

Unapproved let out advanced: Your card supplier posts your digital proof online public before you had a chance to send them to your friends and families.

Receive nice wedding invitations with elegant design, but when your mom mail them out, she glued very ugly decoration on it without mentioning it to you. Perfect colors, perfect font, perfect sensibility, but you forget very important thing, like date, venue, or time, it is done by yourself, and there is no one else you can blame, so crazy!

Ordering wedding invitations in number of per person not Household, it will break your wedding budget.

Remember, if you’re having 200 guests at your wedding, that doesn’t mean you need 200 invitations! You only need to send one invitation per HOUSEHOLD. You’re best married friends may be two individual people, but they only need one invitation.

Not ordering enough quantity as back up; Due to most site offer ordering in groups, so even if you only need just one more, you really need to order the group more, it waste money too

Wedding Invitations Not Setting the Tone of your wedding party;

Your wedding invitations is the first glimpse your guests will get into your wedding, so if you send a vintage wedding invitations, your guests will expect a retro wedding from wedding decoration, venue, food. If they show up it’s a modern affair, it won’t make any sense to them.

vintage wedding invitations HPI010

vintage wedding invitations HPI010


modern calligraphy wedding invitations HPI017

modern calligraphy wedding invitations HPI017

Using Address Labels instead of digitally printed or hand calligraphy. It will make your beautiful invitation look like a cheap knock-off quicker.

Order custom wedding invitations at, all these disasters will be avoided in advanced. Most of important it won’t break your bankrupt, $1 cost, you will get one invitation, one response and matched envelopes, and we will send digital proof to check again and again before we print invitation out. You can make changes any time before we print it out.

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