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Cheap Wedding Ideas- Cheap Wedding Cakes Ideas

After talking about Cheap Wedding Venus and Cheap Wedding Flowers Ideas, now it comes to the ideas of cheap wedding cakes; it is one of the easy places to save money for a cheap but gorgeous wedding.

gorgeous wedding cakes

The wedding cakes can charge an arm and a leg, you need helps from our specialist, and tips are here for you to cut the cost of wedding cakes down:beautiful wedding cakes

Your wedding cake doesn’t need to white and tiered, it can be a simple sponge, and this really can keep your cost down;

simple elegance wedding cakes

Decorate the simple wedding cakes to be a gorgeous one yourself with glitter, sugar flowers, flowers or pearls getting from the market; just remember freezing them ahead of time;

Decorated wedding cakes into gorgeous cakes

Instead of a massive wedding cake, why not choose some small cupcakes to avoid massive cost and waste; or if you are at a reception venue you can scrap the dessert course and just have your wedding cake for dessert;

creative wedding cakes ideas

Have massive wedding cakes with smaller size, and plan another plain one to serve to guest not shown to the guests;

wedding cakes

Go for a cheese wheel instead of wedding cakes;

beautiful cheese wheel wedding cakes

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cheap wedding invitations online

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