Funny Ideas of Purple and Teal Color Themed Wedding

Teal, purple are both attractive vivid color, they can be used in any details on the wedding party, such as bridesmaid dresses, wedding invitations, wedding decoration and wedding table setting.

purple wedding and teal wedding But as we all know that marriage is once most important moment, it needs something special not common ceremony. If you think so, then thinking purple and teal color themed wedding ideas, whatever you’re wedding is indoor or outdoor, feather or no feather. Let’s showcase the magic of purple and teal color themed wedding:

magic purple and teal wedding

Purple and teal wedding decoration;

purple and teal wedding decorations

Purple and teal wedding bouquets, flowers;

purple and teal wedding bouquets

purple and teal wedding flowers

Purple and teal tables;

purple and teal wedding table

Purple and teal Wedding Invitations;

wedding invitations for teal and purple wedding

Click for the Purple Invitations/ Royal Pocket Wedding Invitation

You will have the most stylist party in the day, good luck!

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