You Can Have Wedding like This

Are you afraid of your wedding become bored, nothing new that will be waste time to your wedding guests? It is your wedding, one time a life, everybody come give them best wishes and share your happiness, try to drop the corny forms down, learn these bright ideas to have an unique wedding everybody love it.

a personality wedding

  1. Wedding Venue

Forget hotel which is hardly to order, you can have your wedding in the orchard, cliff edge, art gallery, the lawn, garden or woodland, even a pub, it is so personality. Remember separate the dinner from ceremony venue.

impressive wedding venue

special wedding venue ideas

  1. About desert

Rent an ice cream car, or a bar counter of marshmallow and popcorn~

different wedding desert

  1. Wedding car

Instead of grand wedding car, try off-road vehicle, pick-up truck, carriage, classic VW minibus and golf car or tract even a bus. If you don’t like all of them, how about a new bubble car, so cool!

unusual wedding car

interesting wedding cars

  1. Wedding Game

An interesting wedding game is very important to avoiding boring, and interactive Jenga game with interesting punishment, are you hearing the laugh?

interesting wedding games

  1. Brilliant Prop

Put some props besides wedding photo area, you will get more interesting photos mash tag your wedding.

interesting wedding photo props

  1. Let pets witness your wedding

Your pet as one of family, don’t give it the cold shoulder, let it witness your happiness together, they will be a necessary spotlight on your wedding day.

get pet involved in wedding

  1. Mismatched Bridesmaid Dressesmismatched blue bridesmaid dresses
  2. Inform your guests start with custom unique wedding invitations at unique wedding invitations
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