How Purple Take Part Into Your Wedding

Amethyst is the guardian stone of February, give lovers, couple love, honest and courage. There will be magic chemical reaction with your wedding.

purple in wedding party

Amethyst wedding rings and jewelry, it is trendy and more cheaper; no matter your born on February or proposal on February, or purple color your favorite color, choose amethyst ring as your wedding ring;

purple wedding ring and jelwery

Purple wedding invitations:

Lively watercolor purple blossom on the wedding invitations is perfect;

purple watercolor wedding invitations

Watercolor purple blossom wedding invitations HPI011


Purple Wedding Bouquet:

Walking on the aisle with purple wedding bouquet, your future life will be romantic like amethyst;

purple flowers wedding bouquet

Purple Bridesmaid Dresses:

Purple is the color same as navy blue, easy matching, available for every season, style and theme. Your bridesmaids will delight your guests with purple bridesmaid dresses.

purple bridesmaid dresses

                       KSP379/ KSP171


Speak of drink, if you are summer bride, DIY lemon and lavender drinking is the best, creative and economical.

lavender and lemon drink for summer wedding

Wedding Cakes and top:

Wedding cakes in soft purple tone looks cute, and you can also put cute topper in purple color, you will get perfect cakes for your wedding. Or purple satin ribbon twine around wedding cake or purple flowers decorated white wedding cakes; it will become the spotlight of your wedding.

purple wedding cakes and topper

Purple Wedding Shoes:

Cinderella meet prince on the party with crystal shoes, and it is the inspirations of wedding shoes, it so dreamy that marry the one with a pair of purple crystal shoes.

purple wedding shoes

Hair accessory and crown:

Crown for brides can be made with fresh purple flowers; it is perfect for bono style bride and bridesmaids; or decorated veil and updo with elegant purple flowers.

purple flower crown for bride

Wedding favor:

A gift package full of dry lavender with classic print as wedding favor to thank wedding guest is good choice.

dry lavender wedding favor

Acc of Groom:

Groom can try chic purple corsage or bowtie with your special taste and make your whole style outstand easily.

purple acc of groom


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