Church Wedding Decoration Tips

Church wedding decorations will play an important role overall of your wedding decoration scheme if you are going to spend your big day in a church (spread your big news of our church wedding invitations). It can be an elaborate or a simple affair, how to decorate the church for your wedding depends on your wedding budget, wedding theme and rules of the church. With just some simple creative church wedding decoration tips, you can distinguish your wedding from everyone else’s.

church wedding invitations HPI086

Church wedding invitations HPI086

Before start to plan your church wedding decoration, talk to the administrators of the church to find out what their rules for wedding decoration, what you can do, what you can’t do. If someone is hired helping with your wedding decoration, meet with them at the church, talk rules and your ideas of the decoration, decide on a budget for your church wedding decoration, setting decorating priorities stick on your wedding budget. About decoration priorities of church wedding, the further from the altar, the further down the priority.

Flowers and bows still make a very beautiful pair in wedding decorations. The bow adds the softness that calls for the occasion and the flowers in season the air of festivity and celebration, include standing displays, floral displays on the pews, windowsills, balconies and runner aisle, pew bows and so on; with flower and bow, adding a touch of color to highlight the lightness of your wedding. Detail inspirations of church wedding decoration:

  • Church Outdoor Decoration; greet your guests before they even get into the ceremony with garlands of flowers, add wreaths to doors or standing displays, vinyl wedding stickers in your initials, names or themed graphic are alternative, or display large arch decorated fresh blooms in season at the entrances for new couple and guest to walk cross. In spring or summer, small citrus plants can be placed next to the doors, while a corn shock will look splendid in Fall while miniature evergreen to flank doors during winter holiday season.outside wedding church decoration
  • Decorate Pew with floral bouquets tied with ribbon include all-white flowers and lace makes the church even lighter and creates a romantic setting; Mirror the bouquet of the bride. Candles in hanging vases are the highlight of the pew decorating creating a soft, dreamy atmosphere for the whole church can be done using a shepherd’s hook. Also you can creative use empty jars or corded lasso and tie them with a string onto the pews. You won’t need a professional florist to arrange the flowers for you because you just stick them into the jar. And contemporary and unique alternatives to the traditional bow are available. Consider the following ideas to decorate your church wedding pews: Mistletoe, holly and ivy; floral balls; Mini wicker baskets with petals; Tulle or ivy swags; Small umbrellas hung upside down, filled with flowers.pew decoration for church wedding
  • Aisle Runner decoration: place lush arrangements or flickering candlelight on either side of the aisle is normal; A fabric aisle runner is one of the easiest ways to customize the space – you can even create a custom aisle runner featuring a personalized monogram or add some flower petals down the walkway. If the church already has a great floor with a vivid design, it is important that you do not over do on your aisle decorations. Another unique and simple to decorate aisle is spice thing up by decorating real live tall plants along the aisle to give a splotch of color and when walking down the aisle there will be a breeze wedding running aisle decoration
  • Altar area decoration ideas: decorate altar area is a vital part of a church wedding; all of the guests are directed towards this area. It is very important to arrange the decoration flowers with moveable pillars and columns so they can be moved in and out of photos as needed. Decorate the candelabras place on either side of the altar with wedding flowers same as bridesmaid’s or bride’s bouquet. For more, rent cute statue in shape of angel, heart, love, there will be spotlight of your altar decoration.

church wedding altar decoration

  • Windowsills and Balconies decoration: both of them all secondary of the decoration. If you are in budget you can just do simple. Windowsills are perfect areas for candles also flowers in vase or basket. Nestle votive candleholders between garland section on top of the balcony railing, tulle or ivy garlands swag across the top of balcony in a similar fashion to altar railing.

However you need to carefully consider how to blend your decorations with the existing décor of the church. If your wedding church is already beautiful, with elaborate artwork, carved wood, or stained glass windows, keep your decoration simple.

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