Chic Colors of Year 2017 Wedding Ideas

Greenery is the color of year 2017 announced by Pantone. About match colors of greenery, pantone also supply ten options, more check on their website. Except greenery, there also 9 popular colors of spring and summer 2017: Primrose yellow, pale dogwood, hazelnut, island paradise, flame, pink yarrow, Niagara, kale, lapis blue. As a chic bride, of course choose one or more colors of the year into your 2017 wedding party. Happyinvitation (for wedding invitations)here collect wedding inspirations of these 10 popular colors of 2017, if you are going to have a 2017 wedding, check these ideas:

Popular color of the year 2017

popular 10 colors of year 2017

Primrose yellow, it is not too dazzling as lemon yellow, it is more activity and hot, make people feel warm and good.

primrose  wedding color inspirations

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Pale Dogwood, a peaceful color, and quite pink tone, pure and innocent, it is not eye-popping color, but it is soft color.

pale dogwood wedding inspirations

 Shop Pale Rose Wedding Invitaitons HPI013 Pale Pink Bridesmaid Dress KSP023

Hazelnut, neutral color of spring, natural and warm;

wedding inspiration of hazelnut color wedding

Shop Hazelnut Wedding Invitations HPI068/ Twist Halter Bridesmaid Dress KSP176

Island Paradise, a color represent dream and hope; similar with Tiffany blue, fresh and delicate. Matched by white, golden, more exquisite, consider it if you are going to have an outdoor wedding.

island paradise wedding party inspiration

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Greenery, into so fresh natural color wedding vibe, you wedding guest will have a fantastic relax heart and soul.

wedding inspirations of greenery wedding party

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Flame, orange color based on red, outgoing and passionate. No matter bridesmaid dresses in flame color of wedding flowers in flame, flame color will bring you a totally different vibe.

flame color wedding party inspirations

Shop Orange Flame Wedding Invite HPI049/ Flame Bridesmaid Dress Long KSP033

Pink Yarrow, sparkle and passionate, bright enough to catch eyesight, it is the charming of pink yarrow. It is deep pink color close to rose pink, with different color matching; you will get different wedding tones.

pink yarrow color wedding inspiration

Shop Blue Garland Wedding Invite HPI035/ Dark Blue Bridesmaid Dress Short KSP313

Niagara, a comfortable, peach and cherish color, its perfect for vintage style wedding with its low-key character. With different red color, you will easily to get a chic wedding party.

niagara wedding color inspirations

Shop Blue anchor Wedding Invites HPI060/ Niagara blue bridesmaid dress KSP279

Kale, a very good color that can be fresh artistic option, also can be cool. It is a color full of lively color, connect nature and us, and show colorful nature.

kale color party inspirations of wedding

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