Acrylic Wedding Invitations-The Hottest Trends

Acrylic wedding invitations (also called clear wedding invitation, transparent wedding invitations) is one of the hottest trends for wedding plan now. They are the new fun way to dress your wedding invites in modern way.

acrylic wedding invitations

But do you know what is acrylic wedding invitations?

Acrylic is a transparent plastic material that looks like glass, stiff in texture and clear to the eys, but it is weighs less than glass. The beauty of acrylic is its incredibly adaptable. With the adaptability, acrylic wedding invitations can be upgraded with a super-luxe design, or just in minimalist approach. And besides wedding invitation, acrylic can be used for wedding-day details such as signature, seating and more.

Acrylic Wedding Card

Transparent acrylic instead paper stock, bronzing process your wording on it, creative and eye-catching, right?

Acrylic wedding invites or not, check these pros and cons first before you make decision:

Advantage of ordering acrylic wedding invitation card:

  • Your wedding invitations offer a glimpse at the style of your wedding, give your guests the most important information. For your wedding, acrylic wedding invitation is a plus.

There are lots of wedding invitation styles printed on different paper with different printing technolgy, for gravure or letterpress printing. As a new trends these year, acrylic wedding invitation is refreshing, your guests will all wrapped up in the beautiful design and more looking forward to your wedding.

Order HPA290 / HPA289
  • As other wedding invitation styles, with acrylic’s potential for adaption, we can incorporate moss, sand, florals, and other natural elements into it for different forms. More complex acrylic invitations involve sandwiching multiple pieces of acrylic together with other materia (pressed, dried florals, beautiful green mosses, or even a handpainted design ) to creat framed or layered effects. It is really better statement for a small wedding party.
  • For wedding invitation, acrylic is usually clear in color while simple color option is a more popular choice for wedding, it also can be created in virtually any color.
  • Compare to paper wedding invitations, acrylic wedding invitation is more collectable, and easy to collect like artware.

Disadvantage of ordering acrylic wedding invitation:

  • Acrylic is hard, and due to the thickness (an 1/8 inch thickness is standard for acrylic wedding suite), it is heavier than paper wedding invites, so it will cost more to mail it.
  • It is expensive than paper wedding card. Cost of an acrylic wedding invitation depends on the cut, the quality of acrylic and production process.

A simple printed acrylic invitation will definitely come in under budget than a more polished option with multiple pieces or layered effects.

Some of the cheapest options may be cut with a saw blade, while higher quality finishes are cut with lasers and edge polishers.

  • It takes longer to make acrylic wedding invitations, based on the level of complexity and finish.
  • Arcylic wedding invitations run the risk of being kitschy and theme-based if they aren’t done with a certain level of polish

Already decide acrylic wedding invitation as your own wedding invitation, let’s check some simple to delicate acrylic invitations now:

Simple acrylic invitations with white printing, they can pairing any wedding themes;

Consider delicate style with your wedding color, flowers, or wedding venue; for example this blingbling invitation, gold dust inside upward and downward when shaking, it is so fantastic and special;

Blingbling acrylic wedding invitations
Blingbling acrylic wedding invitations

If your wedding theme is starry night, this shimmery blue acrylic invitation is that you must undertake, so fairytale romantic, and I am sure your guests will share it on their social account.

starry night themed acrylic wedding invitation
starry night themed acrylic wedding invitation

If you’re going to have a destination beach wedding, then this acrylic wedding invitation with sand inside will be one of your invitation choice.

acrylic wedding invitations for beach wedding party
acrylic wedding invitations for beach wedding party

PreservedFreshFlowers added in-between together with special sculpture and overgild, you’ll get a high-end wedding invitation.

PreservedFreshFlowers acrylic wedding invites
PreservedFreshFlowers acrylic wedding invites

And you’re going to have an woodland or garden wedding, this green mosses decoratd acrylic invitation is the one you’re searching.

woodland acrylic wedding invitations
woodland acrylic wedding invitations

How to mail your Acrylic Wedding Invitation?

Get your own acrylic wedding invitation already, then how do you mail the invitation?

This is super important, please don’t mail your acrylic invitation in standard thin envelopes. The corners of the invitation can tear through the envelop, even worse, the invitation can crack.

Lucky is all acrylic wedding invitations listed on come with match thick envelopes, you don’t need to spend extra mony for the envelopes. If you want to be extra cautious, mail you acrylic invitations in box mailers or bubble mailers, this will assure the invites arrive in perfect condition.

The next you should know before you sending them out is the cost. Many brides are shocked when they find out how much it will cost. The cost associated with mailing them out will certainly vary depending on the size and thickness of the invitation, as well as the number of ther pieces beging sent out together.

We highly encourage you to take one complete invitation set to your local post office to be weighed. Ultimately, it’s up to your local postmaster to determine the cost.

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