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What Parts Do Wedding Guest Really Care

Do you know what part your wedding guest really care? And do you know where you should focus your energy and budget on after sending out your wedding invitations to your friends and family, especially when you are planning a budget wedding? As the saying goes “good steel needs to be used for the blade edge” .rose garden wedding invitations stationery

HPI013/ HPR013/ HPS013/ HPT013

The part on a wedding impact wedding guests experience on the big day include photography, videography, wedding venue, wedding decoration, centerpieces, flowers, ceremony, food, dessert, DJ, photobooth and wedding favors.

According research done by polls asking everyone to rank memory from the last wedding they attended with the most memorable and the least memorable, the result showed by the chart:

wedding parts guests care

Food, DJ, venue are the top 3, photo booth and ceremony coming next. And centerpieces, Decor are the least remember. Interesting is people pay less attention on the wedding favors.

Actually it is natural, all the top options are impacted people directly, people prefer to have connection with how comfortable they are in the venue, how interesting the wedding entertainment and how delicious the food (it is too hard to relax when hungry).

So Know about what your guests want to eat by RSVP card first is very important. Hire a DJ or emcee hosting your wedding from start. When choose your wedding venue, take your wedding guest comfortable into consideration, and offer chairs so that guest can have a rest at any time.

response card at happyinvitation

HPR002/ HPR010

Besides, photo booth is where you should pay more attention too. It requires people to step out of their comfort zone and interactive with wedding couple and other wedding guests. An interesting creative photo booth area is very necessary, and you can try to relax people with some interesting props.

interesting photo booth props

What do Wedding Guests Want at Weddings?

  1. It may be “your day,” but don’t be selfish, to feel appreciated, your wedding guests deserve to be welcomed, acknowledged, and thanked. Whether it’s your best friend from back in high school, your baby mama, or your spouse’s great-aunt who you’ve never met before, greet them with a smile, thank them for coming, and give them a moment to say what they want to say to you, a chance to take a picture with the bride and groom.enjoy wedding party together
  2. Make wedding guests feel comfort from getting to the wedding, moving around and staying there;
  3. Help your wedding guests get there easy:In terms of wedding invitations, your guests will appreciate having all the wedding details and any directions or maps to get to the venue. This allows them to arrive on time and in good mood. In case you can’t afford it, then transportation to and from the wedding place will always win over your crowd;wedding invitations with mapOrder HPI069
  4. Clear understanding of expectations: are children welcome? Will there be something for them to do? How formal is the event? Will I be expected to pose for photographs? Can I bring a date?Demystifying dress code advanced; consider a “What to Wear” insert card or page on your Wedding Website!
  5. Short ceremony, no longer than a half-hour is better;
  6. Short reception speeches. It’s a wedding, I expect a few speeches. Father of the Bride speech. Best Man speech. Matron/Maid of Honor speech. Mother of the Bride speech. Random drunk uncle speech, if you do too many of them your reception is going to be onerous.
  7. Open bar for free drinks, This is what I want.And candy bar-people Love candy; Good adequate food that tastes at least as good as it looks.open bar at wedding
  8. Photo booth – guests love taking silly group pictures with props;wedding photo props

9. Thoughtful gestures – fans/sunglasses/umbrellas/ sunscreen due to weather and season, crayons/coloring books for kids, flip flops for women in heelsto dance, midnight snack;

10. Childcare, if you are having a child-friendly event: a bounce house, games, and no fewer than four teenagers who were hired to keep the little occupied.

11. Respect your guests, treat extroverts and introverts different; create a space that lets the oldsters talk in peace, and lets the hipsters do the Electric Slide.

12.Easy participation in your wedding, this is why throwing rice and blowing bubbles are so popular? It’s because people get to do something!Easy participation in your wedding

13. Stop playing matchmaker; No one wants to be stuck next to someone they are supposed to love only to find out later that it’s a total mismatch.

14. Do away with assigned seats, it’s enough to assign to sit at specific table but not definitely be told which table to sit at especially when they aren’t close with other guests or if the seating separates them from their own spouse or date.

15. For the cake cutting, don’t try to interrupt wedding party for cake cutting, wedding guests secretly don’t care about stopping the party to watch you do the cake cutting. Instead make this a private event during dinner with your parents and bridal party standing around.

16. Make the dinner reception feel more like a party not a snooze fest;

17. Serve Scrumptious Late Night Snacks, You can never go wrong with a crowd favorite!” And your tipsy guests will totally thank you.

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