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How to Word a ‘NO KIDS’ Wedding Invitations

Do you know how to tell your guests that their kids are not invited to your wedding politely on wedding invitations? You can use any of the following ‘straight to the point’ statements:

  • No children
  • Adults only
  • Strictly no children please
  • Adult wedding and reception
  • Please respect our wishes for a child free reception
  • Adult only affair
  • This invitation is extended to adults only
  • Children at the ceremony, we’d love them on the scene. Reception time, however, is an adult’s only theme.
  • To give all our guests the opportunity to let their hair down and have a good time without having to worry about little eyes and ears we politely request no children.
  • While we love to watch the children run and play, this is an adults only kind of day.
  • Sweet dreams to children under 16No Childern

But it may make people secretly disagree with you though 30%-40% of brides are now having their wedding adult-only. What you need to do is tell them in a subtle way on your wedding invitations and response card. Here we recommend some tips for your wedding invitation wording for you to reference:

First you should consider that your wedding is totally no-kids wedding or a mostly adult wedding (like Children under 1 year (nursing infants) or All nieces/nephews/cousins regardless of age); It would be nice to offer babysitting services and activities for the kids to keep them occupied at the reception (play-dough station, crayons, toys). If it is a mostly adult wedding, then you may need to some words on your wedding site: We are only inviting the children of immediate family because other friends/relatives have so many kids, so besides word of mouth, I put this on our wedding website, “We wish we could include all children, but we are unfortunately only able to invite the children of immediate family.”

Now you can consider the following tips:

It may be tacky to print this right on your wedding invitation, so save it for your RSVP card or wedding website, use wording such as these options:

  • No children please. We’d like our wedding day to be an adult-only celebration.
  • We have reserved ___ seats for you” (and that number would only include the adults).
  • “We’re having an adult-only reception“
  • “We hope you understand that our wedding is not suitable for children. Adults only, please.”
  • “Due to the limited number of seats, we request that the reception be an exclusively adult celebration”
  • You could also add something like, “Sweet Dreams for those under 12” (or whatever the cut-off age would be)
  • “This is a day to enjoy you too. Leave the kids at home (or with our babysitter) and help us celebrate!”
  • Putting “Adults” on the RSVP Response Line


_____ Adults accepting

_____ Adults declining

  • Putting” Adults” at the Bottom of the Invitation: Adult reception to follow
  • Setting a Limit to Number of Seat Reservations

We have reserved _____ seats in your honor

___ of ___ Attending
___ of ___ Declining

  1. In addition tobeing courteous, be clear about whom you’re inviting on the outer (Inner) envelope instead of using “Mr. & Mrs (and therefore who is NOT invited).
  2. And do make phone calls to the “kid exceptions” at your wedding. Tell the parents of the flower girl and ring bearer what your expectations are for the day.
  3. Except you didn’t need to put anything on wedding invitations and RSVP, but on the wedding website said something to the tune of “in order for parents to better enjoy themselves as a couple, the bride and groom request that this be an adult’s only reception. Professional babysitting will be provided at the hotel.

Good luck! I hope that helps find wording that would be polite, inclusive, and friendly.

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