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How to Make Small Wedding Not Simple?

I really love small wedding party; it can be meaningful and unforgettable like other wedding without spending so much money, less pressure, less anxious, less details to worry.

Small wedding party needs less time and energy than usual wedding; it is good choice for lovers who don’t want to keep long engagement relationship.small wedding background

Maybe you are same as me, but you don’t know how to have your own small wedding with special decorations, with theses following inspiration, you will get a unique personality wedding party:

  1. Cut down numbers of your wedding guest; Try just invite important people in your life, it will make your wedding party like a intimate party with family and friends not a big assembly; recommend wedding invitations for small wedding:

    wedding invitations for small wedding

    unique wedding invitations for small wedding

  2. Choose a wedding location with special character, you even don’t need to decorate it, like a big old oak, it can be focus of your wedding;

small wedding background

  1. Have ceremony and reception at same place;
  2. More DIY, more personality wedding. A diy wedding gift, DIY jam, cookies on dessert table;DIY small wedding favors
  3. DIY special decoration, like hundreds origami paper, if possible ask help from friends and family, they would very glad to involve in the process, and your wedding will be more meaningful to them;diy small wedding decoration
  4. Don’t treat wedding as a competition, treat it as an intimate party; You can get inspirations from other’s wedding, but not copy;
  5. Think twice if it is necessary, like a big wedding cake, more extra deserts. When make decision, think and think again.
  6. Bridesmaid dresses for small wedding party is different with formal wedding, it don’t need to formal, better to choose the dress that can be worn another occasion, you girls will love it.bridesmaid dresses for small wedding
  7. Wedding vows, write it on something from your heart, it is enough to move everyone. Don’t think it is a job like thesis, don’t press yourself; you don’t need rhetoric, just show your heart, your love;
  8. Don’t go over for perfect. Let it be, if something is not going as expected; flaw is also sweet memory sometimes.
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